The 6 Best Products for Whitening Your Teeth

The 6 Best Products for Whitening Your Teeth

There are many reasons why your teeth are stained instead of looking shiny white. Popular beverages such as coffee, wine and soda are known contributors to causing discoloration. Luckily, you can start implementing whitening products into your routine to remove staining. But you could unexpectedly end up damaging your teeth if you use a low-quality product. That’s why you should look for safe whitening solutions that will also protect your teeth against unwanted hygiene problems. Using at-home teeth whitening solutions is much more affordable than paying for a professional service.

From toothpastes to mouthwashes to strips, there are different products you can start using to give yourself a brighter smile. Here are six products to consider for whitening your teeth.

1. ARM & HAMMER Advance White Extreme Whitening Toothpaste

Price: $3.19

You have to be careful with the products you choose to whiten your teeth because of your enamel, which is the outer surface of your teeth. A product you can trust is this minty toothpaste from ARM & HAMMER that safely whitens your teeth using peroxide. The product removes new stains while neutralizing harmful acids that can weaken the enamel. It can also remove plaque in hard to reach places, leaving you with an extra clean smile.

2. Listerine Healthy White Restoring Whitening Mouthwash

Price: $6.59

For a quick and easy solution to teeth staining, take a look at this mouthwash from Listerine. The brand is well known for its fluoride mouthwashes that protect against cavities. Now, Listerine has this two-in-one product that will whiten your smile. Its minty flavored, promotes anticavity protection, and will give you whiter teeth simply by gargling it twice daily for 60 seconds.

3. Crest 3D White Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

Price: $3.97

An unexpected ingredient that can help clean your teeth is charcoal powder. That’s a main ingredient in this toothpaste from Crest, which aims to remove up to 80 percent of surface stains.This minty flavored paste uses active polishing crystals to protect your enamel against future stains and cavities.

4. Crest 3D Whitestrips Luxe Glamorous White

Price: $41.99

If you want something more proactive in whitening your smile, check out these whitening strips from Crest. It claims to whiten up to 25 times better than a whitening toothpaste and can give your lasting results for up to six months. This is a good product for someone looking to remove existing stains on their teeth.

You apply the strips to your teeth once a day for 30 minutes. It molds to your teeth and stays put, so you can still talk and sip water during the process. You’ll see complete results after 20 days but can even start seeing a difference after only three.

5. Lumineux Oral Essentials Whitening Strips

Price: $37.99

If you’re looking for a natural way to whiten your teeth, consider the whitening stips from Lumineux Oral Essentials. The brand sells a 14-day treatment using non-toxic whitening strips. It uses non-abrasive ingredients such as dead sea salt, aloe vera, coconut oil and essential oils to rid your teeth of stains.

After seven days, you’ll start seeing results. This is a good option for those with sensitive teeth because the products use natural ingredients. You can buy this item one time or subscribe for a new delivery every 30, 60 or 90 days to add teeth whitening as a part of your hygiene routine.

6. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen

Price: $19.99

This teeth whitening pen is a good pick-me-up for on the go solutions. It works by simply twisting the bottom of the pen and applying the gel to your teeth. It contains 35 percent carbamide peroxide to remove surface stains. This pen is small enough to travel with and contains enough gel for up to 13 solutions.

There Are Lots More Teeth Whitening Products Available

Noticing your yellow teeth in the mirror or in photos is never fun. Using a teeth whitening product could be an instant solution for a healthier smile and boosting your self confidence.

There are plenty of teeth whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, strips and more you can find online or at your local drugstore. All you have to do is add them into your daily routine for ongoing protection. Plus, these products are a more affordable option compared to the cost of professional teeth whitening services.

Look for products that will also protect against cavities, deep clean your mouth and won’t damage your enamel. Make sure to read reviews and check out before and after pictures from customers to see the results you’ll attain when using the product.