How Low Income Individuals Can Find Affordable Dog Food

How Low Income Individuals Can Find Affordable Dog Food

If you’re part of the more than 63 percent of Americans that own a dog, then you know exactly what unconditional love feels like. You would do anything for your dog, and they would probably do the same for you. But an unfortunate reality that many pet owners face is owning a pet is expensive – and that can mean you don’t have enough money to buy dog food. On average, Americans spend $126.19 every month on their pets alone. That can take a toll on low income families.

Luckily, there are places that can help you find affordable dog food. Some institutions might even be able to give you free food, depending on the program and requirements. No one should have to worry about their pet going hungry, so it’s important for low income families to learn about their options.

To find affordable dog food, check out some of these places.

Non-Profit Animal Organizations

Just like there are charitable organizations for people, there are plenty established for helping animals. You can look into these types of charities (local or nationwide) and contact them if you’re in need of affordable dog food.

One organization that operates across the country is the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). They work to help pet owners afford what they need to take care of them, including food. You can easily search on the Humane Society’s website to find out where financial aid exists in your state.

Nonprofit organizations like the HSUS don’t want any dog to go hungry. If you’re struggling to pay for food, reach out to local aid relief and see how they can help you.

You should also consider contacting your local pet shelter. Ask if they can provide you with any food. These shelters tend to rely heavily on donations but might be able to provide for someone in need. Consider volunteering your time with them to pay it forward and use the ASPCA website to find where shelters are located in your area.

Breed-Specific Organizations

Instead of looking for help available through general animal organizations, consider looking into groups that are specific to your dog’s breed. Advocacy and club groups might be able to provide assistance for those with low income.

Connecting with dog breed organizations can help you to meet passionate members who might offer assistance in keeping your pet fed and healthy. See if any groups exist on Facebook in your area or do a quick Google search of your dog breed to see if any clubs pop up.

Veterinarian Clinics

Taking your dog to the vet is often very costly, but you should consider visiting your local veterinarian clinic if you’re in need of pet food. Some clinics work with charities that help provide owners with lower prices or free dog food.

Not only can this type of charitable program help you buy affordable dog food, but they could also offer other ways to help your pet. This might include waiving fees, spaying or neutering at a low price, and free or low-cost vaccinations. The HSUS website can point you in the right direction of veterinarians that offer lower costs and services for low-income individuals.

Religious Institutions

One of the main practices of a religious institution is to help those in need. Local churches, synagogues and mosques might offer aid for not only people in your community, but also your pet.

See if any of these institutions provide food drives or charitable donations in your area. They might receive dog food donations to give away or provide some monetary help so you’re able to buy it yourself. You don’t necessarily have to be religious to seek help from these religious groups since many are willing to help anyone that’s in need.

Look For Help In Your Area

No one should have to worry about not being able to afford care and necessities for their pet. That’s why various measures have been put in place to help those in need.

Contact your local pet shelter and see if the volunteer staff can help you find low priced dog food. Even if they aren’t able to give you food directly, they might be able to point you in the right direction so you can get the help you need.

Make sure to scour weekly grocery flyers and see if there is ever a good sale on dog food you can afford. You can also contact dog food manufacturers and see if they can send you any free samples or coupon discounts.

Remember to also look into charitable organizations like the HSUS and explore the different ways they can help you. It never hurts to reach out for help, especially when it comes to the wellbeing of your pet.