Best Pet Food Delivery Services

Best Pet Food Delivery Services

Does it sure feel like things are getting more and more complicated by the day? This is why we get so excited when the wind stirs up a few new ways to make life simpler. Bask in the breeze pet owners because our day has dawned. Pet food delivery services are scratching and clawing for your dollars with discounts, incentives, and services —all with simplicity in mind. So, which service is the top dog? Forge ahead to find out.


What began as a 2011 bid to re-shape the way Americans shopped for pet food continues growing stronger every day. Chewy has been offering a satisfying online shopping experience long before it was purchased by industry giant Pet Smart. However, it’s impossible to deny the impact that buyout had on Chewy’s ability to offer great prices and impressive services.

Existing customers love Chewy’s AutoShip feature, 24/7 customer service, and an incredible selection of the top brands. Chewy also offers pet pharmacy services, simplifying yet another frustrating element of being a pet parent.

With a flat-rate shipping cost of $4.95 for orders totaling less than $49 and free one- to two-day shipping for anything more than that, you really can’t go wrong. Add to that saving 30 percent off of your first AutoShip order and five percent off every order after that, Chewy really does make a compelling case for being the best pet food delivery service around.

The Farmer’s Dog

Comparing The Farmer’s Dog to competitors like Pet Food Express and Chewy is tricky. It’s tricky because The Farmer’s Dog is just so different than their competition.

For starters, The Farmer’s Dog only sells real, fresh dog food. That’s right, fresh as in needs-to-be-refrigerated fresh. And real as in you-could-eat-it-yourself real.

You see, the company’s founders thought that it should be way easier to purchase high-quality dog food. So, they set out to be the ones to do it. Just head to The Farmer’s Dog website, fill out your pet profile, and place an order for delivery.

Since The Farmer’s Dog is a premium product, you should expect a premium price tag. Although the service starts at $2 a day, that will most likely need to be upgraded depending on the size of your dog.

If you do decide to sign up, you can 20 percent off your first order with a coupon code from their website.

Pet Food Express

What began as a simple dog training business evolved and expanded to over 50 retail stores and a burgeoning online pet food empire. In terms of what’s on offer, think of Pet Food Express as a median point between The Farmer’s Dog and Chewy.

Pet Food Express shines its light only on the premium, quality pet food products, though they have more on offer than fresh dog food. Treats, toys, and furniture for every type of pet.

Pet Food Express should be able to cover your pet food bases while saving you time and money. Head on over to their website today and choose to benefit from free same-day delivery for all orders over $30.

Punching in the coupon code at the top of the website will also get you 20 percent off of your first online order. Not bad. Better yet, fans of their AutoDelivery service can save five percent on every AutoOrder. That’s in addition to a big 20 percent price cut off your first AutoDelivery order.

Nom Nom

Perfectly portioned, exceptionally healthy, and delivered right to your doorstep. Nom Nom set out to turn the pet-food industry on its head. Well, mission accomplished.

The company is dedicated to providing the healthiest food imaginable for your cat or dog. It’s real, restaurant-quality food that’s cooked in their kitchens and shipped in zero-waste packaging.

Customers begin their Nom Nom experience with an online questionnaire and a two-week trial. Prices begin at around $27 a week for an eight-pound cat or a 20-pound dog with a 20 percent discount on every first order.

The company is exceptionally well-reviewed and boasts incredible health benefits, including better breath, less shedding, increased stamina, and all-around happier pets.

Who’s a Good Boy?

You may have started your day off wondering about your pet-food delivery options, but now you’re here, spoiled for choice. It’s certainly true that whichever website you choose — be it Chewy, The Farmer’s Dog, Pet Food Express, or Nom Nom — you’ve made a great choice. Having said that, there are a few things to consider.

If selection is important to you, opt for the Pet Smart backed Chewy to deliver the goods. If Fido refuses to settle for anything other than the highest quality chow, The Farmer’s Dog is the answer for you. Anyone looking for quality brand name products that don’t break the bank and can be delivered in the same day should head on over to Pet Food Express. Or, if premium cat food is on the menu or you prefer environmentally conscious alternatives, check out Nom Nom.

The food that you serve your pet is important. Quality food doesn’t just extend the life of your beloved pet, but it also makes every day of their lives that much better. Thankfully, as a pet owner, you have so many high-quality options to choose from.