Could a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Improve Your Life?

Could a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Improve Your Life?

When you get older, ordinary things become a lot harder. And when you have chronic lung problems such as COPD, even breathing can be a challenge. That’s why you should consider using a portable oxygen concentrator to help make life easier.

A portable oxygen concentrator is a lot like an oxygen tank. It works to manage your breathing and improve your overall well being. But there are some differences. Here’s what you need to know about portable oxygen concentrators.

What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

A portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is used to help improve your ability to breathe. While it does work similarly to an oxygen tank, a portable oxygen concentrator is different.

Oxygen tanks hold a certain amount of compressed oxygen or liquid oxygen that will eventually run out and have to be refilled. A portable oxygen concentrator takes air from the surrounding atmosphere and purifies it. You never have to worry about refilling your tank. 

A portable oxygen concentrator  can be carried anywhere and is small enough to fit in cars. You can take your unit on the go by wearing it as a shoulder bag or backpack. The overall purpose is to help you breathe, improve your wellbeing and maintain independence as a senior.

The Benefits of Using a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

There are a lot of benefits to using a portable oxygen concentrator. Though the main purpose is to help you breathe easier, there are other aspects of using a POC  that will improve your health too. 

You can increase your survival rate compared to patients who don’t use a portable oxygen machine. It can improve your exercise tolerance and allow you to be more physical at a higher intensity. Since solving your breathing problems is a significant treatment, a portable oxygen concentrator will also improve your cognitive performance and boost your self esteem in response.

This machine can even help you get a better sleep at night. Oxygen saturation levels tend to drop at night and interrupt your sleep. A portable oxygen concentrator regulates your oxygen levels overnight to improve your sleep without interruptions or discomfort.

One of the most significant benefits to using a portable oxygen concentrator is regaining the freedoms you lose with breathing deficiencies. You can enjoy your social life with a rejuvenated energy and feel more inclined to do normal things you wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. If you’re interested in using one of these machines, they aren’t that hard to find. 

How Much Does a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Cost?

The cost of a portable oxygen concentrator varies. Prices start in the thousands and will increase depending on the battery life and other accessories. 

There are few options to consider when paying for a portable oxygen concentrator. You can:

  • Buy it new
  • Buy a used machine
  • Rent a unit

If you’re a Medicare subscriber, you might qualify for coverage. A POC can qualify as durable medical equipment, which are items prescribed as medically necessary by your doctor. You have to get approval from your doctor in order to be covered by Medicare.

Medicare will approve your rental of the portable oxygen concentrator if you meet these requirements:

  • Your doctor says you have severe lung disease or you’re not getting enough oxygen
  • Your health might improve with oxygen therapy
  • Your arterial blood gas level falls within a certain range
  • Other alternative measures have failed

After getting your doctor’s approval, you will pay 20 percent of the amount, and the Part B deductible will apply. This coverage doesn’t buy you the machine, but you can rent it for as long as you need. This is a much more affordable option. Instead of spending thousands of dollars of your own money, you’ll only have to pay for 20 percent of the cost.

Alternatively, you could buy from a seller directly online and pay for the entire cost yourself. There are a lot of retailers dedicated to selling breathing equipment that can give you plenty of options to choose from. 

Consider Using a Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Your Health

If you’ve been having concerns about your breathing ability, it’s time to address the problem and see your doctor. Breathing trouble can be linked to a lot of side effects that will affect your livelihood such as your energy, mood and mental health.

A portable oxygen concentrator might be the thing you need to improve your health. You’ll not only end up breathing better, but you will regain a sense of normalness that may have disappeared when your health declined.

Take a look online and see what types of machines are most affordable and right for you.  Talk to your doctor about this issue and see if they can provide any help in accessing a machine. There’s a chance you can pay for it through Medicare, as long as you meet the requirements. Look into your healthcare plan to see if there is any coverage for portable oxygen concentrators.