The Best Bidet for Your Buck (And Bum)

The Best Bidet for Your Buck (And Bum)

If you’ve traveled outside of North America for any length of time, chances are you’ve experienced a bidet. These devices are usually attached to the inside of a toilet set, but sometimes they’re an entirely separate bathroom feature.

Once you’ve done your business on the toilet, the bidet uses a small jet of water to clean your skin. Afterward, some bathrooms offer a clean towel for you to dry off or there are some premium bidets that direct a jet of warmed air towards your bottom to dry up the water.1

Why Everyone Needs a Bidet

There are lots of different types of bidets and they’re a common feature in homes outside of North America. However, many Americans still get uncomfortable talking about them.

We’re here today to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with wanting a better bathroom experience.

First and foremost, bidets are way more environmentally friendly than using toilet paper. The average American uses 57 pieces of toilet paper every single day, which requires a lot of resources like trees, water, and gasoline to produce.2 A bidet also leaves you a lot cleaner as toilet paper can leave waste behind, as well as residue. If you want to cut down on your household toilet paper needs and help protect the environment in the process, a bidet is a great first step.

To help make the transition, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite bidet options, all of which easily attach to a standard toilet and require very little set up.

Basic Bidets: Under $200

Tushy Spa

Price: $993


  • Offers several different color options.
  • Easy dials allow you to choose between a range of pressures and temperatures.
  • Nozzle lowers when the Tushy Spa is in use but tucks up out of the way when not being used, keeping it clean and sanitary.


  • The toilet must be next to your sink in order for the Tushy Spa to access hot water.
  • Tushy Spa control dials are on the right side of your toilet, which can be annoying for the left-handed.
  • Hot water hose only comes in nine- or 15-feet lengths, which can be unsightly if you don’t have the space to tuck it away.

Squatty Potty Refresh-it Bidet

Price: $39.994


  • Very inexpensive model as it offers completely electric-free functionality for less than $40.
  • You can control the direction and pressure intensity of the spray with the hand lever.
  • It has a very discrete profile, considering the control pad that sticks out from the toilet is quite small.


  • It connects to the fresh water supply but does not offer any option for warm water.
  • It does not have a self-cleaning feature, so if it gets messy, it’s on you to clean it up.

Zen Bidet Z-500

Price: $64.945


  • It’s the cheapest model we’ve found that offers both hot and cold water options.
  • Everything you need for installation, including the plumber’s tape, is included with your purchase.
  • The company is eager to help you with installation; if your toilet is a non-standard size, they’ll ship you alternate parts as soon as you request them.


  • The look of the dial pad may not be for everyone; some find the tropical island background a bit tacky.
  • Sprayer nozzle does not retract, which could be unsanitary.

Premium Bidets: $200 to $1000

Brondell Swash 1400

Price: $649.006


  • Brondell offers free shipping and a free 30-day trial period, so you can really experience living with a bidet before you commit.
  • The Swash 1400 is a self-contained toilet seat bidet that comes with a lot of additional features, including seat heating, a nightlight, and a warm air dryer.
  • You can program a variety of settings into this bidet, which makes it ideal for couples or families.


  • Multiple settings may make it a bit confusing to operate.
  • Brondell recommends using an in-line water filter, which is a recurring cost as it needs to be replaced regularly.

SmartBidet Round Electric Bidet

Price: $299.997


  • The SmartBidet is moderately priced, but still offers a range of upscale features like adjustable water temperature, warm air dryer, and adjustable seat temperature.
  • The nozzle has three holes which offer three different wash modes.
  • It can be controlled with a wireless remote, for an entirely customizable experience.


  • The bidet is shaped for use on round toilets, so the company doesn’t offer much guidance for fitting.
  • It requires the use of an outlet, which may not be convenient in every bathroom.

TOTO Washlet C100 Bidet

Price: $366.998


  • Unlike many other models, the TOTO Washlet is offered in two different shades of white. The seat is made from high-quality plastic that can be heated on command.
  • A custom wash setting can be triggered by the touch of a single button.
  • The self-cleaning feature is automatic, which keeps the unit sanitary at all times.


  • The only control panel is connected to the unit, which might make it difficult for some people to see.
  • It requires the use of an outlet within 3.9 feet of the toilet.

Luxury Bidets: $1000+

Kohler K-4709 C3-200 Elongated Bidet

Price: $2,299.00 through Kohler9 or $1,297.00 on Amazon10


  • The Cadillac of bidets; it offers every feature you could think of, including heated seats, Quiet-Close lid, oscillating spray, and the ability to store two custom settings.
  • Water is continuously heated, so you never have to wait.
  • LED lights around the seat can serve as a nightlight.


  • Requires a dedicated circuit electrical outlet.
  • The price is steep for a product that offers many of the same features as models half the price.


If you’ve made the decision to purchase a bidet, it can be intimidating and maybe even a little embarrassing to ask questions about each model. Rest assured that people who sell bidets know that many people feel embarrassed when talking about their bathroom habits.

Whether you choose a slick, under-seat model or do a complete overhaul of your toilet and add a pricy bidet with customizable modes and a heated seat, you’ll be saving money and the environment with every refreshing spray.