5 Electric Toothbrushes for a Supreme Clean

5 Electric Toothbrushes for a Supreme Clean

Is an electric toothbrush worth buying? According to the American Dental Association¹, an electric toothbrush is just as effective as a manual brush at keeping those pearly whites sparkling. And investing in an electric toothbrush can significantly improve your dental hygiene.

There’s an added bonus too: today, electric toothbrushes are more affordable than ever before. You’ll find a whole shelf dedicated to electric toothbrushes at your local drugstore, but the hardest part is selecting which one to buy. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top five electric toothbrushes guaranteed to lead to a brighter smile and good oral hygiene habits.

1. Oral-B Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B Pro 1000 is affordable and simple to use, especially if you’re switching from a traditional toothbrush. For only $60, it’s hard not to consider the Oral-B Pro 1000. This electric toothbrush offers a variety of different brush heads to match every comfort level, meaning even those with sensitive teeth can handle the vibration without pain or discomfort.

Included in this brush’s features is a two-minute timer to ensure you’re cleaning for the right amount of time. It also comes with a pressure sensor, which will automatically shut off if you’re brushing too hard, – a feature that’s usually found in brushes that cost $100 or more.

2. Oral-B Genius 8000 3. Philips Sonicare Essence+

This electric toothbrush is perfect for people looking for a high quality brush with cool tech features – however, you’ll wind up paying a bit more for these features as the price tag for this electric brush ranges from $1999.99 to $249.99. But the technology suite offered with this brush is so impressive that the hefty price tag is worth it.

So, what’s included? The Genius 8000 uses Bluetooth connectivity, so you can monitor your brushing habits using your phone. Another cool tech feature is the 360 SmartRing – an LED smart light featuring 12 colors that will illuminate when you’re brushing too hard. With Oral-B patented round brush head technology, you can be sure you’re cleaning your whole mouth and reaching all those pearly whites.

3. Philips Sonicare Essence+

If you’re on a budget, consider the Philips Sonicare Essence +. The most affordable electric brush yet, it’s priced at only $39.99. There’s no need to shell out hundreds of dollars for an effective clean – this brush may not be incredibly high-tech, but it does offer great oral care benefits.

This brush is simple to use: it has one mode and one brush head that work together to remove three times more plaque than a traditional toothbrush. Included in this toothbrush is a QuadPacer, a feature that alerts you to switch brushing sides. It can hold a charge of up to 10 days, which makes it great for travel.

4. Burst Sonic Toothbrush

Subscription services are making shopping easier, and there’s even a subscription service for electric toothbrushes – Burst.  A single box will cost you about $69.99, but if you don’t love your Burst brush you can request a full refund in the 90-day period.

This brush comes with three brushing modes: whitening, sensitivity, and massage mode. What makes this toothbrush unique is the Binchotan charcoal brush head that’s been proven to give you a brighter smile and healthier teeth. The Quadpacer timer will vibrate to remind you to brush another part of your mouth. And get this – just one hour of charging will give your toothbrush up to four weeks of battery life.

5. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart

This electric toothbrush is the most expensive brush on this list, but at $329.99, you’ll get added features that aren’t offered by any other toothbrush. This brush is the number one dental professional recommended sonic toothbrush worldwide. It not only has smart technology features but also offers a complete system for a healthier mouth.

Connect this brush to the DiamondClean Smart app on your phone to help you achieve the best brush technique possible. Take advantage of the smart sensors on the brush such as the location sensors to make sure you never miss a spot, motion sensors to reduce scrubbing, and a pressure alert system to let you know when too much pressure is applied.

Start Improving Your Oral Health Today

Oral hygiene is important, and investing in an electric toothbrush may be worth the cost. Not only will the added technology help you with your oral hygiene routine, but using an electric toothbrush has also been proven to help improve gum health within weeks.

And you don’t have to spend significantly to get an electric toothbrush that betters every aspect of your oral health. There are many affordable electric toothbrushes on the market that won’t break the bank and will still offer you a better brushing experience. You owe it to yourself to conduct your own research in order to find the best electric brush that is tailored specifically to your needs.