You Could Earn Free Money With These High-Yield Savings Account Bonuses

You Could Earn Free Money With These High-Yield Savings Account Bonuses

Putting your money in a high-yield savings account is a smart way to grow your money fast, without doing anything at all. But did you know banks will actually offer you free money just for opening a new account? It’s true – banks are currently offering big bonuses of free cash to new customers who open high-yield savings accounts. And that means you could earn more interest on your savings and get a sizable bonus too.

If you’re interested in maximizing your money and earning as much as a few hundred dollars, here are the high-yield savings account bonuses you need to consider.

Simple Protected Goals: Earn Up to $500

You can earn a bonus of either $250 or $500 when you open a new Simple Protected Goals bank account. To get this bonus, you’ll earn $250 for opening an account¹. And you’ll get an additional $250 if you open a Savings Goal. It’s as easy as that.

On top of your $250 or $500 cash bonus, you’ll also score a high-interest rate for banking with Simple. You can earn 2.02 percent APY² when you open your account and set a Savings Goal, which is easy to do inside your Protected Goals account.

In order to get your cash bonus deposited into your new Simple savings account, you’ll just need to deposit at least $10,000 into the account and maintain that balance through the end of the year. You can open your new account and make transfers and deposits in seconds online.

Discover Online Savings: Earn Up to $200

You could earn an extra $150 or $200 when you open an online savings account through Discover. New account customers get $150 for opening an account and depositing $15,000 – and you’ll enjoy an extra $50 if you deposit $25,000³.

This online-only bank makes it easy to open your account in seconds. If you meet the minimum requirements for the cash bonus, the money will be put right into your new savings account. And, on top of that bonus, Discover also offers 2.00 percent APY in interest, giving you one of the best available interest rates⁴.

Capital One 360 Money Market: Earn $100

If you open a Capital One 360 Money Market account, you can earn a $100 bonus as a new customer⁵. All you need to do is make an initial deposit of $10,000 to score this bonus through Capital One’s Refer a Friend program. Once your account is open, you’ll start earning interest and will see your $100 bonus deposited within 30 days.

If you want to open a basic savings account, you can also get a small bonus of $25. However, the Capital One 360 Money Market account will offer you a much higher interest rate at 2.00 percent APY⁶ – offering a much better return on your savings.

Although a money market account is a bit different from a traditional savings account, it allows you to get a sizable return on your money with a higher-than-average interest rate. And you can treat it just like any other high-yield savings account, as it requires a significant initial deposit.

Take Advantage of Bank Bonuses Like These Today

Everyone wants to make a little more money. And opening a high-yield savings account could be the perfect way to do exactly that. With banks offering hundreds of dollars in potential bonuses on accounts with high-interest rates, you could reap the benefits right now.

All you need to do is open a new high-yield savings account. You can choose from the above bonus offers, or find a bank offering a similar bonus in your area – or even online. As banks try to attract new customers, the bonus offers might even increase.

It’s important to note that banks do change these bonus offers regularly throughout the year. So, in order to take advantage of a new account cash bonus, you’ll want to do your research. Before you decide which high-yield savings account is the best choice for your money, it’s important to search for other offers to see if you’re getting the biggest possible bonus.

With one of these high-yield savings account offers, you could increase your savings in two easy, effortless ways.