These 4 Bachelor’s Degrees Can Lead to High-Paying Jobs

These 4 Bachelor’s Degrees Can Lead to High-Paying Jobs

If you’re searching for a career that will pay you well for years to come, you need a bachelor’s degree. Having a degree is the new standard for countless career paths and job opportunities. And though it takes both time and a financial investment, earning your bachelor’s degree can open up many doors, many areas of work, and many potential careers. Of course, those who can get a great return on their investment – those who can make good money after earning their degrees – are the best off. So, it’s a smart idea to earn your degree in an in-demand field that’ll pay you a good salary. 

If you’re wondering which types of bachelor’s degrees can help you secure a high-paying job, it’s time to consider pursuing an in-demand major or field.

1. Engineering

Average Salary

Between $137,170 to $140,760 per year.

The Value of a Engineering Degree

Engineering is a very specialized field. In order to work as an engineer of any kind, you need to study math, science, and other important concepts in-depth. And not everyone is able to meet the rigorous, challenging requirements that come with earning an engineering degree. 

So, engineering is a field that tends to welcome only the best of the best. If you’re able to master its material and earn an engineering degree, you’ll have advanced skills and be prepared to fill plenty of different jobs. If you’d like, you can even specialize in certain types of engineering, which many have even more value once you’ve graduated.

Types of Engineering Jobs

Most available engineering jobs for those with bachelor’s degrees in engineering are within specific types of engineering, or within specialized fields. These include:

  • Aerospace engineering 
  • Architectural engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Petroleum engineering

2. Finance

Average Salary

Between $102,880 and $127,990 per year.

The Value of a Finance Degree

Financial professionals are in high demand. And that means new graduates with finance bachelor’s degrees can command great salaries. When you earn a finance degree, you’ll gain important knowledge about all kinds of aspects of the field. You’ll learn about accounting, financial planning, and even financial management. This is knowledge businesses are happy to take advantage of.

Additionally, businesses in all industries need financial professionals. Every type of company needs accountants, budget analysts, and other planners who can handle the finances of their operations. With a finance degree, you’ll be qualified to not only work in the field of finance, but also in many other fields and industries.

Types of Finance Jobs

  • Actuaries
  • Accountants
  • Budget analysts
  • Credit analysts
  • Financial analysts
  • Financial planners

3. Marketing

Average Salary

Approximately $132,620 per year.

The Value of a Marketing Degree

Having a marketing degree opens you up to so many different industries and so many different career possibilities. Marketing students learn the ins and outs of many different types of marketing positions. You’ll learn how to craft marketing strategies, put marketing into practice, and analyze the impact and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

And every type of business in just about every industry relies on marketing. After all, marketing helps companies attract new and returning customers – which means those who have marketing degrees are in demand.

Types of Marketing Jobs

  • Advertising specialists
  • Content creators
  • Copywriters
  • Marketing managers
  • Media planners
  • Product and brand managers
  • Public relations representatives

4. Natural Sciences

Average Salary

Approximately $123,860 per year.

The Value of a Natural Sciences Degree

The natural sciences are certainly specialized – but that doesn’t mean this unique type of degree doesn’t result in plenty of high-paying career opportunities. In fact, the sciences are one of the most popular bachelor’s degrees. And if you choose to study natural sciences, you’ll have a ton of opportunities available to you.

Natural sciences include courses on everything from biology to chemistry to geology. You’ll learn about different types of science, and you can choose what interests you the most. And because the natural sciences are well-rounded to include many areas, you can get hands-on experience in a number of fields and settings.

Types of Natural Science Jobs

  • Biological technicians
  • Geographers
  • Industrial ecologists
  • Lab managers and technicians
  • Materials scientists
  • Park naturalists
  • Teachers and educators

Start Working Towards Your Bachelor’s Degree Today

If you’re looking to broaden your knowledge and make yourself a standout candidate for different career opportunities, a bachelor’s degree can be the answer. With a bachelor’s degree, you’ll have skills and knowledge that can take you far. And that can open up a number of high-paying jobs.

Fortunately, earning a bachelor’s degree doesn’t have to be difficult. You can earn your degree at a traditional college or university, attending classes in person. Or, you can take advantage of technology and complete your degree online, without leaving home. Both of these paths will teach you everything you need to both earn your degree and become impressive to future employers.

All you have to do is start your search for the perfect degree program. Will online learning work best for you? Search for online-only bachelor’s degree programs. Do you prefer working in a classroom with other students? Search for degree programs that interest you at colleges in your area. The key is looking for a bachelor’s degree program that works for your needs and your learning style.