The Best Credit Card Bonuses for New Cardholders

The Best Credit Card Bonuses for New Cardholders

Credit card companies want you to open a new card – seriously! In fact, they’re so invested in getting new cardholders that credit card companies and banks are now offering sizable bonuses worth hundreds of dollars. And all you have to do to get one of these bonuses is open a new card and use it.

Credit card companies use bonuses for new cardholders to attract your business. And, if you’re aware of these bonus offers, you could take advantage of them and reap the rewards.

Here are the best credit card bonuses for anyone who’s looking to open up a new card.

Chase Sapphire Reserve: 50,000 Bonus Rewards Points

The Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card is one of the most popular cards available today. And even though it’s a hot credit card, Chase is offering one of the best bonuses in the business for new cardholders.

Open a Chase Sapphire Reserve, and you’ll score thousands of bonus rewards points as well as plenty of travel perks and benefits you can enjoy every day of the year. New cardholders will net 50,000 bonus rewards points – or $750 in cash value – after spending $4,000 within the first 3 months of opening an account¹.

That’s a big enough bonus to cover the cost of a round-trip airline ticket, or a hotel stay, for a great vacation.

On top of this bonus, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card also offers a $300 annual travel credit, 3 points per dollar on dining purchases, 3 points per dollar on worldwide travel, and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.

Capital One Savor Rewards: $300 Cash Bonus

If you enjoy dining out and spending your money on experiences, you’ll love the Capital One Savor Rewards credit card. Designed just for these kinds of purchases, the Savor Rewards card offers a fantastic bonus for new cardholders to enjoy, with few strings attached.

Open a Capital One Savor Rewards credit card, and you’ll be eligible to earn a $300 cash bonus². You just need to spend $3,000 on purchases within 3 months of opening your new credit card. That’s straight cash that you can have deposited right into your bank account, or money you can apply to the card itself.

On top of this sizable bonus, the Savor Rewards card comes with plenty of other benefits to enjoy. With unlimited 4 percent cash back on dining and entertainment, 2 percent cash back on grocery store purchases, and 1 percent cash back on everything else, you’ll be able to build up a solid little bonus in cash back each time you use your card. You can also pile on additional perks, like a free Postmates membership and rotating reward categories offering as much as 8 percent cash back for things like concert tickets and restaurants.

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa: $150 Cash Bonus

If you’re looking for a basic credit card that offers flexibility, decent rewards, and no additional fees, the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa is an excellent choice. And right now, you can score a solid bonus just for opening and using this credit card.

Wells Fargo is offering a $150 cash rewards bonus for anyone who opens a new Cash Wise Visa credit card³. You’ll need to spend just $500 on the card within the first 3 months of opening it to qualify. And that $150 in bonus rewards can be used however you’d like.

In addition to this new cardholder bonus, the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa card also offers unlimited 1.5 percent cash back rewards on all purchases. You can also do a balance transfer at the lowest possible intro APR, enjoy no annual fee, and get rewards bonuses for things like mobile wallet use.

Chase Freedom: $150 Bonus

Another heavy hitter in the credit card field is the Chase Freedom card. Although its bonus isn’t as big as the Chase Sapphire Reserve, this credit card still offers a solid introductory bonus for new cardholders – and with regular use, you can rack up sizable cash back rewards.

New cardholders who open a Chase Freedom credit card will get a $150 bonus for spending $500 within the first 3 months of having the account⁴. Anyone who hasn’t received a new Chase cardmember bonus within 2 years (24 months) will qualify for this great offer.

And after you get your bonus, the Chase Freedom card will keep on rewarding you. With 0 percent APR for the first 15 months, no annual fee, and 5 percent cash back on purchases in rotating cash back categories. On all other purchases, you’ll earn 1.5 percent cash back rewards that can be used towards your statement, as a gift card, or as cash.

Where to Find Credit Card Bonuses Like These

The above credit card bonuses for new cardholders are just a sample of some of the best offers currently available. But credit cards and banks change their offers regularly – and if you know what the latest options and bonuses are, you may be able to find something even better.

In order to get the best credit card bonus, you’ll want to search for the latest offers regularly. You can easily search online and see what credit card companies are offering. Look for bonuses that you can get without spending much in order to get the biggest reward for opening a new credit card. And remember to always compare annual fees, interest rates, and what’s required to get the bonus before you sign up.