The 10 Best Cities For Retirees

The 10 Best Cities For Retirees

There’s a lot to consider when choosing where to retire. You should find a city that’s affordable, but still offers quality health care and services. The place also needs to keep you entertained with recreational activities and be full of like-minded people to socialize with. 

Fortunately, there are a number of places in North America that offer a good balance of everything you’ll need in retirement. There’s something for everybody, like places that offer hot weather all year round to cities that will give you a four season lifestyle.

If you’re deciding where you should retire, check out these 10 cities.

1. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

If moving to Italian wine country is a bit out of your budget, Winston-Salem is a good alternative. This city lives in North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley where locals can enjoy wine tastings on the regular at good prices. The cost of living in this city is very affordable, with housing prices and apartment rentals feasible for those with a modest retirement income. It’s an energetic city with lots to do and a solid community of people to socialize with. Winston-Salem has four seasons of weather with 3500 acres of parks and recreation to enjoy outdoors all year-round.

2. Palm Desert, California

Living in Palm Desert would be like living on a resort for the rest of your life. The area is about 14 miles east of Palm Springs and it has 263 days of sunshine each year. It’s a popular retirement community with a 54 percent over-50 demographic and a peak population of 80,000 residents during the winter months.

3. Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Just a short drive away from the U.S. border is a charming Canadian town with a strong sense of community. It’s a good place to settle down if you want to stay in one place and a lowkey lifestyle and New Brunswick housing is a fraction of the cost compared to the rest of Canada. It sits along the St. John River and boasts a ton of surrounding greenery. Maine and some nice Canadian cities are within driving distance, which can make for some fun travel opportunities without needing to book a flight.

4. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

There are a lot of things about Playa Del Carmen that might tempt you to retire south of the border. It’s a lively Mexican city on the Caribbean coastline that’s a popular spot for tourists and expats, with more than 10,000 foreigners now calling it home. The country’s health care is quite affordable with or without insurance. Many practitioners speak English and walk-in healthcare costs are significantly cheaper than what you would pay in the U.S.

5. Fort Myers, Florida

More retirees are deciding to skip the bigger cities Florida has to offer and settle into Fort Myers instead, where there are just 82,000 residents. This tropical town has sunny days for more than nine months of the year, and one third of the population is over the age of 60. It also has an abundance of health care services within the area to ensure your personal needs will be met. 

Aside from enjoying the beach, there are a lot of historical homes and nature preserves to check out in the area. Those who like baseball might be interested in checking out the upcoming lineups when two major league teams roll into town for the annual spring training sessions.

6. Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester is a beautiful city that will allow retirees to enjoy four different seasons throughout the year. The state of New Hampshire doesn’t have any sales or earned income tax which could make it more affordable for some people. There are also a lot of parks to spend time outdoors in and nearby ski clubs for those who would want to take full advantage of the winter weather. 

7. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is a fast-growing city with lots to do once you retire, like golfing. It sits right on the water in northern Florida and experiences mild winters each year. This city has excellent healthcare, with one of the local hospitals being a branch of the Mayo Clinic. Since it’s a major city, there’s an international airport nearby if you’d like to travel during retirement.

8. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

While Toronto is a popular option for retirees wanting to move up north and access great healthcare, Ottawa might be an unexpected better choice. It’s less than five hours away from Toronto and is a smaller city in comparison, but it still has a bustling environment with lots to do. It was ranked number two in the country for best health care services and also has an abundance of retirement homes in the area.

And Ottawa is a lot more affordable. Housing prices for rent and sales are continuing to climb in the Toronto area while Ottawa (which is Canada’s capital) is more manageable. It’s also less than a five-hour drive away from the U.S. border in Vermont.

9. Portland, Oregon

If you’re looking to spend time outdoors and enjoy good food, then Portland might be the right place for you to retire. It’s pedestrian and cyclist friendly, with transportation that offers discounts for those 65 years of age and older. This West Coast city is not only known to attract retirees but it’s also less likely to see existing citizens move anywhere else. The popular destination has created a good sense of community for seniors to make friends and socialize with.

10. Nashville, Tennessee

There’s no shortage of things to do in Nashville. Music lovers can take full advantage of what the city has to offer like the Grand Ole Opry and buzzing music venues with live performers. Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy several professional teams in the area including the Predators and the Titans. It’s relatively affordable for such a bustling city, and Nashville International Airport will make it easy to travel anywhere during retirement. 

What Is Most Important To You In Retirement?

Ultimately, every person is unique and will prioritize different things going into retirement. You’ll have to factor in things like the weather, social life and quality of health care when making your decision. You’ll also have to consider which cities are most affordable to live comfortably based on your pension, since costs will vary. 

Do your research and see how other retirees in the area enjoy their lifestyle. This will give you a good idea of what your life will be like if you decide to move there for retirement.