Which Shampoos Are Best for Hair Growth and Thickness?

Which Shampoos Are Best for Hair Growth and Thickness?

Over time, your hair can change – and not all of those changes are welcome ones. From thinning to stalled growth to hair loss, there are plenty of reasons you might want to increase your hair’s thickness and fullness.

If you’re looking to get your hair growing once again, you need a shampoo that’s designed to stimulate growth. And the right shampoo could restore full, thick hair to your head.

Nearly any big life change can cause changes in your hair growth. New York City dermatologist Dendy Engelman, M.D.¹ explains that while genetics and hormones play a role, age can also cause thinning, breakage, and hair loss. And aging can significantly reduce the hair on your head.

To achieve healthy hair growth and the fuller, thicker hair you want, try one of the following shampoos. Each one is specially formulated to strengthen hair, increase thickness, and help you avoid hair loss.

ColorProof BioRepair-8 Anti-Thinning Shampoo

Price: $44²

How It Works: This shampoo addresses the main cause of hair thinning with every use. It contains DHT blockers, which specifically target the DHT on your scalp. DHT can cause hair thinning and loss, so this anti-thinning shampoo works to stop it from affecting your hair follicles. It can repair hair’s connective tissue, stimulate new hair growth, and improve circulation.

Is It Effective?: Using ColorProof BioRepair-8 Anti-Thinning Shampoo daily³ can keep your scalp healthy and slow hair thinning or the amount of hair falling out.

UltraX Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Shampoo

Price: $56.95⁴

How It Works: Featuring a blend of micro caffeine compounds, UltraX Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Shampoo is designed to stimulate new hair growth, reduce hair loss, and block the problems testosterone can cause. It delivers hair loss fighting ingredients right to the scalp, working to thicken hair, make it healthy, and prevent its loss altogether. And you can use this shampoo in combination with your regular shampoo if you want to slowly work it into your routine.

Is It Effective?: When used five times a week⁵, UltraX Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Shampoo provides maximum effectiveness. It delivers essential nutrients to the hair and scalp to promote natural hair growth while increasing the thickness of thinning hair.

Lipogaine The Big 5 Hair Stimulating All-Natural Shampoo

Price: $23.75⁶

How It Works: Using a combination of biotin, caffeine, argan oil, castor oil, and saw palmetto, this shampoo can restore full volume, thickness, and health to thinning hair. With all-natural ingredients, Lipogaine The Big 5 Stimulating All-Natural Shampoo works to stimulate hair growth and prevent thinning – and it does this without harsh chemicals. Overall, it leaves your hair healthier than before, adding thickness and increased growth too.

Is It Effective?: This shampoo works on hair loss and thinning in both men and women. It comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee⁷, meaning you can give it a try and get your money back if you don’t see the results you want.

Pura d’or Hair Thinning Therapy Shampoo

Price: $17.98⁸

How It Works: This is a hair thinning solution that packs a big bunch with its ingredients. Pura d’or Hair Thinning Therapy Shampoo targets two of the leading causes of hair loss: breakage and DHT. With a blend of 12 DHT blocking ingredients, this shampoo can reduce hair loss, stimulate new growth, and prevent hair breakage. Additional ingredients promote healthy hair, like argan oil for moisture and rosemary oil for increased strength in your strands.

Is It Effective?: With regular use, this shampoo can slow premature hair loss, increase volume and thickness, and prevent hair thinning, all while delivering nutrients right to the hair follicles. It’s said it can clinically reduce hair loss⁹, particularly loss caused by breakage.

OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo

Price: $5.6910

How It Works: If it’s a set of thick locks you’re looking for, OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo has the solution. Though it’s an affordable drugstore shampoo, it does a fantastic job of plumping up your strands and increasing thickness. With a nutrient-rich formula that includes vitamin B7, biotin, and collagen – all ingredients that can create thicker, fuller, and healthier hair – this shampoo can strengthen brittle and breaking hair. And with argan oil and keratin proteins, it’ll also strengthen your hair cuticle for better growth.

Is It Effective?: After just one use11, this shampoo can leave your hair feeling thicker and fuller. It works on all hair types, adding increased thickness and texture to even the thinnest strands of hair. It’s also volumizing, which can help your hair appear thicker while the shampoo goes to work over time.