How to Save Money on Lawn Care

How to Save Money on Lawn Care

It can be easy to focus on the inside of your home since that’s where you spend most of your time, but it’s crucial to give your lawn the same tender loving care. Having a healthy lawn can increase your home’s curb appeal and help your home maintain a good value. Whether it be increased water bills, pricey plants and lawnmowers, or hours of your time, lawn care does come with a price. Fortunately, you can save money by making simple adjustments and decisions for your yard. To keep your lawn in tiptop shape on a budget, here are some things you can do.

Hire A Lawn Care Company

You might feel obligated to do everything on your own when it comes to your house and its yard. But there are real benefits to hiring help for your landscaping.

Lawn care companies specialize in helping your lawn look its best. Some services these companies provide include:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Fertilizing
  • Weed preventing and pulling
  • Trimming hedges and shrubs
  • Planting and reseeding

If you were committed to doing everything on your own, it could end up costing you a lot more than it would to just hire someone. That’s because each of these services require their own tools, products and time.

When you hire a professional, you’re saving yourself the trouble of having to purchase all these necessary tools. You’ll be saving money by letting someone who knows what they’re doing get the work done instead.

Prices for lawn care will ultimately depend on what services you want from a professional. For example, lawn mowing services can cost as little as $25 per hour. Cost for other maintenance services such as weed removal or lawn fertilization can range from $35 to $80. Ultimately, the cost will depend on the company you choose to do business with.

Overall, professional lawn care will allow you to save a lot of time and energy. Instead of having to go to the store and spend hours working on your lawn, a professional will be able to complete that same work a lot quicker and better. You also won’t have to decide which fertilizers, seeds or equipment is the best because the service will do that for you.

Reduce Your Water Usage

Water is the most important part of keeping your lawn healthy by keeping your plants alive and your grass green, These are two things that can easily make your yard look run down.

While it’s great that you’re taking care of your lawn by watering it, your habits could be costing you more money. You can fix this by reducing your watering sessions with a few easy changes.

Start by watering your lawn in the morning. This is the most effective time of day to do this because the water will get a chance to soak deep in the soil before the sun burns it off during the day. Watering at night can possibly lead to the grass getting infested with a fungal disease, making the morning the perfect time to complete this chore.

Sprinklers are convenient, but they might not be the best choice for watering your lawn. That’s because the water evaporates more into the air instead of soaking into the ground when sprinklers are used. Consider switching to a drip hose instead. This will waste less water and ensure the ground is getting the hydration it needs.

Another way to save money on lawn care is by collecting rainwater. It’s a free source of water that can lower your need to use the hose. You can easily do this by leaving a trash can, plastic jugs, mop pails or another type of container that can fill up with water when it’s raining.

Look For Low-Maintenance Plants

It’s nice to have a well manicured lawn, but it can be a lot of work to maintain. Luckily there are certain plants and earth products that will give you a nice lawn without feeling overworked.

For example, flowers are a simple way to beautify your lawn — as long as you pick the right ones. Perennials are an excellent choice because you don’t have to replace them each year and they will still grow back annually.

Wildflowers are another great option because they can stay alive naturally with the sun and rain. The appeal behind this concept is the natural messiness. Your lack of maintenance on these plants will give your lawn a wild and undone look that requires little to no effort.

For an unexpected alternative, consider a rock garden. You can easily make one with a combination of using stone chips, pea gravel and ornamental succulents. They don’t need water or soil, and it won’t be hard to pull weeds that might grow from it. It’s also a stylish design that’s unique and unexpected.

Compare Different Lawn Services

Keeping your lawn healthy doesn’t have to be a burden. By limiting your water use and choosing the right plants to use in your yard, you can make your lawn as low maintenance as possible.

Choosing a lawn care service can make lawn care a lot easier. Instead of having to do everything yourself and buy all the necessary tools, an experienced professional can do it for you. It will save you time, energy and money if you’re able to find the right company.

Make sure to compare multiple companies before settling on a service. This will give you the best chance of finding the best rates and ensure their services will meet your preferred needs.