How to Find a Quality Affordable Plumber

How to Find a Quality Affordable Plumber

If your home has leaking, clogged, or otherwise problematic pipes, you need to hire a plumber ASAP. Plumbing problems simply can’t wait. The longer water leaks, pipes back up, or a problem goes untreated, the greater the damage can be. And, as a result, you could find yourself paying for expensive repairs both on your plumbing and throughout the rest of your home. That’s why it’s so important to search for and find a plumber you can trust – and who isn’t overpriced. You can search online right now to find a quality plumber in your area.

Many homeowners aren’t too knowledgeable about plumbing, and that makes choosing a good plumber difficult. But you can make the process easier if you know what to look for in a plumbing service. And you can search online to find plumbers at different prices.

Here’s how you can narrow down your options and find an affordable plumber.

Determine What Kind of Plumber You Need

The first step in finding a plumber for your needs is to learn which kinds of plumbers you should be searching for. Like many professions, plumbing is a job that has different specializations. And you want to make sure you’re paying for the right expertise, the expertise that you need.

There are three typical classifications for plumbers:

  1. Apprentice plumbers, or new plumbers who are receiving training.
  2. Journeyman plumbers, who have completed an apprenticeship and are licensed.
  3. Master plumbers, the most experienced plumbers.

Certifications, training, and licensing vary from state to state, but plumbers generally go through these three stages to become experts in their field. While some plumbing jobs are best left to master plumbers, hiring an apprentice or journeyman plumber may help you save money on smaller, simpler jobs.

Look for the Qualities of a Good Plumber

Regardless of which type of plumber you’re going to hire, you need to make sure you thoroughly vet each plumber before choosing one. And you can do that by looking for certain qualifications and qualities as you search for and compare different plumbers.

Plumbers and plumbing services vary greatly. Each plumbing service works with plumbers of different specialities and experience levels. But most reputable, quality plumbers share a number of qualities in common.

As you consider different plumbers in your search process, make sure to look for the following qualities.

Licenses and Insurance

A quality plumber will be both properly licensed and properly insured. These qualities help protect both you as the homeowner and the plumber for the work they do. Ask plumbers if they have liability insurance – you can ask to see insurance certificates, or you can ask for policy information to make sure it’s legitimate. To check licensing, you can ask the plumbing service and check with your state online to see the details of the licenses a plumber holds.

Memberships with Professional Organizations

Learning whether or not a plumber has involvement with different professional organizations might not be a qualification you think about. But it’s definitely one to ask about. Plumbers who are involved in their communities and local organizations will tend to have strong reputations within a local area. It can also show that a plumbing service is regularly educated, informed of new standards, and working reputably. Ask different plumbers if they’re involved with groups like trade associations, the National Association of Home Builders, the local Better Business Bureau, or other similar organizations.


Make sure to ask for references from each plumber you’re considering. A reputable plumber should be able to provide you with references that can speak to their quality of work. You can then find out if the plumber has done recent work, if that work has been top quality, and if past customers were satisfied with the results and the customer service. References will help give you a clear sense of whether a plumber is professional, provides good service, and values customers’ business.

Warranties Offered

Ask if a plumber or plumbing service offers any warranties on their work. Plumbers should be familiar both with the warranties on any items they install in your home and any warranties on their own work. Additionally, a quality plumber will stand behind their repair work with a workmanship warranty. And that can save you money down the line, if that work doesn’t hold up.

Search Online to Vet Each Plumber

In addition to speaking with different plumbers and plumbing services, you should also do some searching online to learn more about your options. An online search can uncover many different plumbers in your area, along with a lot of information like pricing, customer reviews, and even information about the work they do.

Make sure to look at plumbers’ websites, pricing, and other details as you search online. Today, most plumbing services advertise on the internet – and while many are reputable and high-quality, many others are simply savvy marketers trying to get your business. You don’t want to trust just any plumber you find online.

Compare at least two or three different plumbers as you search online. This will help you learn more and properly assess who offers quality services and who simply wants to make money.

Research Costs and Get Price Estimates

Lastly, before you finalize your choice and pick a plumber, it’s critical that you research how much it’ll cost you. As important as quality of work is, it’s also very important to choose a plumber who offers prices that are affordable.

On average, plumbers cost between $175 and $450 for a typical job. The hourly rate for a plumber’s work can vary greatly, ranging from as little as $45 per hour to as high as $200 per hour. For some services, plumbers may simply charge a flat fee.

You need to ask plumbers for a price estimate. Get an official quote for the work that you need done so you aren’t surprised with an incredibly high bill after the job’s been completed. Once you get an estimate, you can then compare the cost to other plumbers’ quotes and estimates. That will help you make an informed decision without breaking the bank.