How Seniors Can Benefit from Renting a Storage Unit

How Seniors Can Benefit from Renting a Storage Unit

As you get older, there are plenty of new challenges you have to face. During your golden years, you’re facing changes like downsizing and moving into a smaller home, living in a senior living facility or nursing home, and getting rid of belongings that have accumulated over your lifetime. And each of these events can be a difficult, overwhelming process.

A storage unit could be a great solution. Storage units give you additional space to safely store belongings. And you can use a storage unit to store anything from furniture to heirlooms to photos and meaningful items.

As you move into your senior years, a storage unit can be especially handy. Here are just a few of the ways older adults can benefit from renting a storage unit.

Seniors Can Downsize Without Sacrificing

Many seniors need to downsize their living spaces as they get older. Your home can become too big to manage, and a condo or apartment can be a better, smaller option. But downsizing is tough, especially when you have a whole home’s worth of furniture and belongings. No one wants to downsize their home, leaving items behind or getting rid of them completely.

That’s where a storage unit can help. Rent a storage unit for a monthly fee, and you’ll have all the room you need to keep your items. Instead of getting rid of your items, you can place them in a storage unit for safekeeping.

And most storage units offer month-to-month rentals. That means you can store furniture and other items until you decide you’re ready to get rid of them or find space for them in your new home.

Storage Units Can Help During Big Transitions

Whether you’re downsizing into a new home or making the move into a senior living facility, you’re facing a big transition in your life. And that can be a very difficult change. You’re giving up your home and many of your possessions, and you have to decide what to keep and what to leave behind.

Fortunately, with a storage unit, you’re able to keep more items. If you’re torn about being unable to take certain items with you going forward, you can simply keep them in a storage unit. You can use a storage unit for long- or short-term storage, which is helpful if you’re struggling to transition your life. It’s a great option for seniors who are unsure what they’ll need or want going forward, and it also gives you flexible storage space.

Whether you need to store big items or small ones, you can find a storage unit in a size that suits all of your belongings. And whenever you’d like to access those items, you can visit your storage unit with ease.

Storage Units Offer Secure Storage for Important Heirlooms

Throughout our many years of life, we accumulate so many important items. Family photos, mementos from travels and important life experiences, artwork, passed-down heirlooms – there are often so many items that are precious. But what can you do with those as you get older?

If you’re living at home, keeping so many belongings can lead to clutter. And if you’re moving into a senior living or assisted living facility, you’ll have to choose what you pack based on rules regarding what residents can bring with them. 

A storage unit is the perfect solution. You can store all of your most important heirlooms inside a storage unit and trust that they’re protected and secure. Even if you can’t keep them with you, you’ll have somewhere they can be stored and accessed. And today’s self storage facilities offer plenty of security features, like gate access, camera monitoring, and even alarms to ensure your unit is kept locked and secure.

Storing your important memories and items in a storage unit also makes it easy for others to access those things if needed. If you’re unable to get to the storage unit, you can give others access via a key or security information. And that provides solid peace of mind, just in case anything happens.

Find an Affordable Storage Unit for Your Needs

If a storage unit is the right solution for you, your first step should be to do a bit of research. There are plenty of self storage facilities and companies to choose from. And in order to get the unit you need at a price that works for your budget, you’ll need to shop around.

Search online to see what storage units are priced at in your area. From there, you can compare their features and benefits. Look at their security features, the size of the units, and what’s included. From there, make sure to compare monthly pricing – and don’t forget to look for deals and discounts. 

It’s common for storage unit facilities to offer special low pricing for first-time customers. Seniors should make sure to look for these deals, or even ask different companies about them. Doing so could help you save significantly on the cost of your storage unit.