Here’s How You Can Save Money on Carpet Cleaning

Here’s How You Can Save Money on Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpet in your home, you know just how dirty your floors can get. From spills and dropped food to dirty shoes and daily traffic across its surface, carpet can hold onto absolutely everything. And that’s why you need to give your carpet a deep, thorough cleaning regularly. But carpet cleaning isn’t cheap. It costs as much as $600 to have your carpet professionally cleaned – and that price can go up for larger homes with more carpeting. But if you search online right now, you can find affordable carpet cleaning options.

Paying for professional carpet cleaning is important. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay sky-high costs. There are ways you can save money and cut some of the costs associated with carpet cleaning. Search online today to find cheaper carpet cleaning services.

And you can try the following tips to save on your next deep carpet cleaning.

Rent Your Own Carpet Cleaning Equipment

One way to save money on carpet cleaning is to get the job done yourself. While a professional service offers the deepest, most thorough cleaning, you can get the same results by cleaning your carpet yourself. You just need the right equipment.

You can actually rent carpet cleaning equipment locally. You can get a portable machine, like a Rug Doctor, for just $20 to $32. The cleaning solvents and extra tools do cost a bit extra – but they cost just about $3 to add onto your rental. That means you can have everything you need to clean your carpeting for less than $50. And that’s a significant savings over hundreds of dollars for a professional.

Choose a Different Kind of Carpet Cleaning

You have options when it comes to professional cleaning. You can choose the company that charges the best rates – but you can also choose a different kind of cleaning method. There are two types of carpet cleaning methods, and each one costs a different amount. 

The most popular method is steam cleaning. Hot water, cleaning products, and high pressure are used to extract dirt from your carpeting. The moisture is then sucked out and left to dry for a full 24 hours. Steam cleaning costs between $120 to $235 on average, but it can run as high as $550 for a whole house.

Your other option for carpet cleaning is dry cleaning. It’s also called “low moisture” or encapsulation cleaning, and it involves a chemical solution and less water for a quick clean. It doesn’t reach as deep as a steam clean, but it can be faster and you can use your carpeting the very same day. Dry carpet cleaning is more expensive than a steam clean; it costs between $323 and $600 on average.

So, if you’re looking to save money, the quickest method may not be the cheapest. See what the cost of both cleaning methods is with professionals in your area, and decide which is the best for your budget.

Pay for Professional Cleaning Only in High-Traffic Areas

Another way to cut the cost of carpet cleaning is to only clean where it’s most needed. 

Certain areas of your home, and your carpet, see more action than others. Hallways, entryways, and other commonly used areas like the living room can wind up getting much more dirt than areas like bedrooms. And if you focus on these high-traffic areas instead of others, you can pay for carpet cleaning where you really need it.

Ask carpet cleaning companies what it would cost to clean just certain rooms or areas instead of the entire house. You might find that it’s cheaper to do a few rooms at a time instead of everything at once.

Search for Discounts and Deals

You can search online to find discounted carpet cleaning. Throughout the year, carpet cleaning goes in and out of demand. And during the off season, holiday weekends, and other seasons, you may be able to find significant savings.

Keep an eye out for discounts and special offers by searching online for carpet cleaning in your area. You can look for perks like “whole house” specials or free extras, like free couch cleaning when you pay for carpet cleaning. You can also search for advertised specials, online coupons, and discounts offered in combination with carpet cleaning.

Get Quotes From Multiple Carpet Cleaning Services

Lastly, you can really secure savings on carpet cleaning by taking the time to compare different carpet cleaning companies or services. If you search online and get price estimates from multiple service providers, you can compare what they charge and negotiate.

Instead of hiring the first carpet cleaners you find, search online for other options. Contact these companies and ask for price estimates and quotes. You can then compare their prices to one another and see how much they charge for the same services. You can also use the price estimates to go back to companies and ask them to match a lower price. It’s the best way to ensure you aren’t overpaying for carpet cleaning.