Why Getting a Healthcare Administration Degree Is a Smart Choice

Why Getting a Healthcare Administration Degree Is a Smart Choice

Working in healthcare makes for a career with plenty of potential. From doctors to front office staff, there are so many roles that need to be filled – and not every healthcare career requires a medical degree or years of schooling. If you’re interested in starting a career in the exciting world of healthcare, here’s why earning a healthcare administration degree is a smart idea.

Healthcare Administration Is a Growing, High-Paying Field

When choosing a career, it’s important to consider your prospects in the field. Will there be plenty of jobs available? Or will you struggle to find work? Will your pay be enough? Are professionals in demand?

Healthcare administration is a field that offers excellent opportunities and plenty of potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)¹ reports that’s growing quickly – by 2020, healthcare administration job openings are expected to grow by 22 percent. That growth will add over 30,000 new job openings for anyone who works in healthcare administration.

And once you’ve started working in healthcare administration, you’ll be paid well. Compensation for even new healthcare administration professionals is nice. First-year employees in this field make an average annual salary of $65,000².

With more experience, you’ll make even more. The BLS³ estimates those with between 15 and 20 years of healthcare administration work experience earn around $140,000. And those who become executives or high-level employees can earn over $200,000.

Because healthcare administration offers both new jobs in the years ahead and solid pay, it’s a field you can bank on.

You Can Earn Your Degree Online

In order to work in healthcare administration, you’ll need to earn a degree. Many jobs require a bachelor’s degree, and some more advanced positions can require a graduate (or master’s) degree. And if you have yet to earn your degree, you can do so quite easily.

To learn the ins and outs of healthcare administration, you don’t need to spend four years living on a college campus and attending classes. You can actually earn your degree right from home. Online degree programs allow you to take classes over the internet, fitting classes into your busy schedule and studying when it’s convenient.

Earning your healthcare administration degree online is easy, but that isn’t the only perk. Here are just a few of the reasons you should opt for an online degree program for healthcare administration⁴:

  • You can earn your degree and keep working. Online degree programs let you fit your coursework into your schedule. That means you can keep your responsibilities and take classes when you’re free.
  • Tuition is affordable. Tuition for online degree programs can save you thousands of dollars. Because you won’t be on campus, you can save money and complete everything needed for your degree from your laptop.
  • You don’t have to commute. With no need to be present in physical classrooms, you won’t have to schedule classes or commute to campus.
  • The quality of education is the same. The U.S. Department of Education⁵ found that online degree programs are just as good – if not better than – as on-campus programs. You won’t sacrifice any knowledge or learning by opting for online.

Earn your degree in healthcare administration online, and it’ll save you time, money, and any headaches. You can complete your education on your time and pace, and you will get a quality class experience.

It’s Easy to Get Started on Your Healthcare Administration Degree

If you’re ready to begin a career in healthcare administration, now’s the time. With plenty of job opportunities available and demand only continuing to grow, you can start a new career as soon as you’re ready.

Here are some schools offering healthcare administration degrees.

University of Central Florida
This bachelor’s degree program was named one of the best online programs in 2020 by U.S. News. Students can earn the degree after passing 120 credits, with in-state tuition costing $179.19 per credit hour. The program has a focus on the managerial concerns of the field to prepare you for a range of health workplaces.

University of Minnesota – Crookston
Students can obtain an online bachelor’s degree from this university by taking a mix of core credit and liberal education requirements, totalling 120 credits. With an 80 percent graduation rate, the school prepares students for managing the challenges faced in the industry.

Colorado State University
90 percent of students find employment after graduating from Colorado State University, making it a good option for pursuing an online health degree. Based on a 24 credit academic year, tuition will cost $8,400. There is also potential for a 10 percent discount on tuition through your workplace with the employers partner program.

And getting started is as easy as finding an online degree program or college. To earn your degree in healthcare administration, you’ll want to pick a program that meets your needs. More and more colleges and universities are offering online courses today. You can search online and find a program that offers exactly what you’re looking for.

Make sure to search online to compare different healthcare administration programs. You can compare their required courses, career outlook, tuition rates, and so much more. Once you’ve found the right program, you’ll be taking the first step towards a new career.