Why You Should Get a Degree in Cyber Security

Why You Should Get a Degree in Cyber Security

The technology sector is booming, and so are job opportunities within it. And one of the most popular fields within the tech industry is cyber security.

Technology is rapidly advancing, but with the fast pace of progress comes an ever-increasing threat of cyber crime. Criminals are getting savvier with every hack, and cybercriminals grow bolder, online crimes are ruining companies and their reputations.

There’s only one way to stop cyber crime – a strong cyber security team. That’s why cyber security experts are in demand right now. Companies are working hard to bolster their online security, and they need experienced cyber security professionals to join their teams.

But in order to become a cyber security pro, you need a degree. Fortunately, online colleges offer the opportunity to earn a degree in cyber security quickly, affordably, and easily. Here’s why you’ll want to consider starting your new career with an online degree in cyber security.

Online Cyber Security Degrees Are Affordable and Convenient

Online colleges are fast becoming the most popular option for degree seeking students. According to the Babson Survey Research Group¹, approximately three million U.S. students fully enrolled in online programs while another six million take at least one online course while attending a traditional college.

Why are so many students choosing online courses and degree programs over traditional classroom learning? There are countless benefits to studying online, including the following:

Tuition is cheaper. The average cost per academic year at a standard college, as stated by Collegedata.com², ranges from $25,290 to $50,900. Most online programs cost far less, with U.S. News³ reporting tuition prices as low as $11,040. And you’ll save a fortune in fees, housing, meals, transportation, and books.

Learning is convenient. Ready for class? You can roll out of bed and learn in your pajamas. But, in addition to the comfort factor, online colleges let you learn when it’s most convenient for you. You can listen to lectures and complete assignments whenever it fits into your schedule.

Courses are more varied. Traditional colleges and universities offer a limited selection of courses and majors – and that’s because they have to have on-site faculty who can teach. Online colleges, however, have far more options. You can study specific areas of cyber security and take classes devoted to single specializations.

Online Colleges Offer Flexible Learning

In addition to saving you money and time, online colleges are incredibly flexible. And they’re the perfect solution for those who have lives filled with responsibilities like work and families.

Online colleges allow you to choose how you’d like to learn. Many online degree programs offer synchronous programs, which offer the option to participate in live video lectures, or asynchronous programs, which let you review pre-recorded materials on your own schedule.

Choose a synchronous program and you’ll learn in real time. You can ask a professor questions via instant message or video chat and get instant answers. You can participate in class discussions alongside students from all over the world, making it easy to collaborate and socialize with other students.

If you need to fit your degree program into your busy schedule, asynchronous programs allow you to study at your own pace at any time of day. Coursework is delivered online, via email and message boards. You can access course materials and watch lectures or presentations whenever you like, letting you fit your education into your free time – a perk you can’t get from traditional colleges.

Cyber Security Degrees Open Up Countless Opportunities

If you’re wondering what you can do with your cyber security degree, know that your opportunities are limitless. A recent Monster.com⁴ report shows that cyber professionals are needed in all kinds of industries, working in information technology, government, consulting, and banking and finance – and those are only a few examples.

Cyber security is needed in every single field and industry. Today, all companies require cyber security. Every time a company stores information online, it’s vulnerable to cyber attacks. And cyber security professionals’ primary job is to prevent that important information from being stolen or compromised.

The following are a few examples of the salaries cyber security offers and the types of jobs available to those with degrees in the field according to Cyberdegrees.org⁵:

Security Analyst

Analysts assess security policies and protocols. They perform detailed system audits to pinpoint weaknesses, anticipate future compromises, and track vulnerabilities, earning between $67,790 and $99,000.

Forensic Engineer

These specialists primarily investigate security threats and data breaches. They recover and examine data, rebuild damaged systems, and look for signs of hacking. Forensic security experts earn anywhere from $55,700 to $119,000 a year.

Security Software Developer

These experts either create and develop new detection tools or integrate security during the software design process. They earn between $43,140 and $101,380.


Cryptographers encrypt sensitive digital information and develop new algorithms. They test their own models for accuracy and security and probe lines of communication for weaknesses. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics⁶, their median salary in 2017 was $103,010.

Earn Your Cyber Security Degree Online Today

Are you ready to start an exciting new career in cyber security? With the right education and experience, you’ll be fully prepared to prevent cybercrime from happening, keeping companies in all kinds of industries safe from hackers and data breaches.

And all you need to enter the world of cyber security is a degree – a degree you can easily earn online. Before you settle on a program or college, make sure to do your research. Search online for colleges that offer cyber security degrees and coursework, and look only for accredited options. While searching online, compare schools’ ratings, reputations, and education quality. And don’t forget to look into financial aid, scholarships offered, and tuition prices.

Start looking into cyber security programs available online today, and you’ll already be on your way to earning your degree and starting a dynamic, longtime career.