You Don’t Want to Miss This Year’s Hottest Sneaker Launches: Here’s What’s In Store for 2019

You Don’t Want to Miss This Year’s Hottest Sneaker Launches: Here’s What’s In Store for 2019

Your shoes show off your style. The pairs you choose to wear can be fun, funky, vibrant, refined, or classic. And if you’re a sneaker fan, you know just how important it is to express your style right on your feet.

Whether you’re a sneaker collector or simply interested in stylish, functional sneakers, you need to know about this year’s hottest sneaker releases. Check out these upcoming sneakers and add them to your collection.

1. Nike React Presto Psychedelic

Best For: Running errands in comfort with unique, summer-y styling.

Release Date: May 16, 2019

Expected Price: $1201

If you want a shoe that’s comfortable enough for everyday wear yet still incredibly exciting and unique, you’ll want to give the Nike React Presto Psychedelic a chance. When you first lay eyes on this neon-hued shoe, you’ll be delighted. And when you feel it on your foot, you’ll be sold.

The newest take on the Air Presto is a throwback to the 2000s. The Nike React Presto Psychedelic is designed to look something like a lava lamp, with neon coloring and trippy sole shaping. It almost looks translucent in its styling. And it’s designed to be an excellent cross training sneaker too, which means it’ll be comfortable for any kind of action.

2. Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Shattered Backboard 3.0

Best For: Sneaker fanatics who love rocking a bold pair of Nikes.

Release Date: October 26, 2019

Expected Price: $1602

The Air Jordan has been a centerpiece in the sneaker world since the 1980s. And it’s proved to be such a popular shoe that it’s become a staple in Nike’s stylish and highly anticipated sneaker lineup year after year.

The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Shattered Backboard 3.0 is one of the hottest upcoming releases of this year. In fact, a verified photo of these shoes hasn’t even been released yet – which is causing serious anticipation in sneaker collectors. The latest take on the Shattered Backboard style is expected to have new, fun styling with black, pale vanilla, and starfish colors across its face.

3. New Balance FuelCell 5280

Best For: Serious runners who want to increase speed and break new records.

Release Date: September 8, 2019

Expected Price: $2003

Sneakers may be fashionable, but they also need to be functional. And if you’re a runner, you need a pair that can carry you long distances without hurting your speed – or your feet. That’s exactly what the New Balance FuelCell 5280 sneaker is designed to do.

This highly anticipated running sneaker is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a little more speed. The FuelCell 5280 is designed for running mile after mile on the road, and it weighs just six ounces to keep you light on your feet. It’s reported that this shoe can better propel your feet, helping you achieve new personal records and hit full speed easily.

4. Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS Orange Trance

Best For: Women who want a pair of stylish, eye-catching Air Jordans.

Release Date: May 4, 2019

Expected Price: $1854

Most stylish sneakers are designed for men, but why shouldn’t women have an equally awesome pair to wear? That’s exactly what the Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS Orange Trance aims to do: give women an exciting option that’s just as impressive and cool as the men’s Air Jordans.

Nike designed this female spin on the Air Jordan with sleek and trendy details. They’re comfortable and casual, but stylish enough to make others take notice when on your feet. They’re one of the most hyped releases for women’s sneakers in years. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling in love with the cool white tops and orange patent leather bottoms of these sneakers, because they’re seriously irresistible.

5. Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Light Bone

Best For: Everyday wear with fresh flair.

Release Date: May 25, 2019

Expected Price: $1755

If you’re looking for impressive style without having to worry about protecting your sneakers, this is the perfect pair for you. The Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Light Bone sneaker is unlike most stylish sneakers – while many are kept pristine by collectors, this is a pair that’s meant to get better as you wear them.

These sneakers, which are made of leather, actually change color as you wear them. The more broken-in and aged they become, the more they’ll shift colors from gray and black to pink and crimson. It’s like getting two pairs of awesome shoes in one.

6. Nike Vapor Street Peg

Best For: Sneaker fans who want shoes with flashy style without sacrificing substance or quality.

Release Date: May 21, 2019

Expected Price: $2756

Don’t want to keep your hottest sneakers hiding in a box? You’ll feel perfectly comfortable wearing the Nike Vapor Street Peg sneakers out and about. These incredibly unique shoes are designed to be worn casually, but they’re styled like running sneakers with racey curves and bright colors.

The Nike Vapor Street Peg is comfy and springy when you walk on any kind of surface. They’re curvy and sleek, which almost makes you look like an experienced runner – even if walking is more your speed. These sneakers are also stable and resilient thanks to the inclusion of Nike React foam, which will keep you on your feet for a long time.

Prep Your Closet for These Sneaker Releases Now

When each of these sneakers hits the internet and stores everywhere, they’re sure to sell out quickly. Make sure you pick out the pairs you’re most excited for and prepare for their release ahead of time.

And you can also research more about each pair online before their release. You can check out images, get more details about comfort and materials, and start styling new looks. No matter what kind of sneakers you’re excited about, these are the pairs you won’t want to pass up in 2019.