The 6 Best Home Security Systems

The 6 Best Home Security Systems

Purchasing a security system for your home is a smart investment. It can protect you, your loved ones and your belongings from potential burglaries – which are so frequent that one occurs every 26 seconds in the U.S. Not only can having a security system protect your home, but it can also help you qualify for discounts on home and renters insurance. Despite these benefits, only 38 percent of Americans have some type of security installed at home. That’s why we found some of the best systems you can buy.

There are plenty of different home security systems to choose from. They are sold at a variety of price points and capabilities, giving you options when it comes to how simple or complex you want the security system to be.

Here are six of the best home security systems to consider.

1. Vivint Smart Home

Price: Call for pricing

Vivint Smart Home is a professional service that will personalize your security system according to what makes sense for your home and lifestyle. This can include a number of products such as doorbell cameras, smart lock devices, outdoor cameras and more. The company has 24/7 monitoring and customer support to help protect your home.

Any systems that require a touch-screen control panel are installed by a Vivint Smart Home professional and there is no activation fee. The cost will vary depending on the package you choose. To learn more about the equipment fees and monitoring plans, you can visit the website and talk to a customer service agent.

2. Frontpoint

Price: Starting at $99

You can choose from a variety of security system packages with Frontpoint. The company allows you to choose from their select packages, or build your own custom system. One of the most affordable packages is the Safe Home Starter which includes window and door sensors, stickers and a keypad.

Something helpful about Frontpoint systems is the technology will learn your routine and alert you if anything out of the ordinary is happening at your home. The company is also recognized for its quality customer service. You can request a quote or browse the website to look at more of the products being offered.

3. Google Nest

Price: $399

One of the simplest and most affordable security systems you can buy is the Google Nest. This starter package is a good buy for those seeking basic and user-friendly systems. The Nest Detect sensors are easy to install onto your doors and windows. Using the Nest app, you can arm and disarm the sensors from anywhere. You’ll get security alerts if something happens and you can even set reminders in case you forget to set the alarm.

4. ADT Home Security

Price: Get a free quote online

With over 145 years in the home security business, ADT has plenty of industry experience when it comes to finding the right system for your home. You can choose between many products for cameras, emergency alarms, system packages and home automation.

In addition to customizing, you can choose between three packages: Secure, Smart and Complete. They all include 24/7 monitoring, security equipment and professional installation. You can live stream your security cameras from mobile devices, and even record and save video clips with the Complete package. Visit the ADT website to get a free quote and learn more about what they offer.

5. SimpliSafe

Price: Products starting at $99

The security products from SimpliSafe are sleek and sophisticated devices you can add to your home. One of its packages is sold for $391 and comes with 14 pieces such as entry sensors, motion sensors, panic button and interactive monitoring. Plus, it also includes freeze, smoke and water sensors.

The company has a selection of products you can browse on its website, or you can contact them for a quote on custom systems. You can also save 25 percent on SimpliSafe systems by purchasing certified refurbished products.

6. Alder

Price: Request a free quote

Alder sells a variety of products you can choose from to secure your home, such as outdoor and indoor cameras, doorbell systems and sensors. Its 24/7 monitoring receives millions of alerts the company quickly responds to and assists customers with.

A team can come and assemble your security system, or you can easily install some packages under 10 minutes. To learn more about Alder’s prices, you can contact the company’s customer support team and receive assistance within 24 hours.

Compare Home Security Systems Online

There are a lot of perks to having a security system at home. They can help protect your home from intruders and keep you safe. Plus, many of them are able to detect other problems in your house such as water leaks, floods or even fires.

These companies offer different ways of paying for its services such as subscriptions, payment plans, low-cost ownership and more. There is a lot to choose from at a variety of price points. Compare the different brands to find a package that’s right for you, or even customize your own system.