9 Accelerated and Flexible Online Programs For Great Jobs

9 Accelerated and Flexible Online Programs For Great Jobs

Do you want to get an education but don’t have the time (or money) to commit to a four-year program? Consider looking into online classes. There are accelerated degree programs and in-depth courses just for people wanting to make their own schedule and learn online. You can apply to programs teaching everything from engineering to marketing to accounting and more. Just search online to see what accelerated courses are out there.

Graduating from an accelerated program or other reputable online course can get you one step closer to landing a high-paying job. To find out the job prospects of different areas of study, start an online search.

Without further ado, here are some online programs to help you enter high-paying job fields.


Job Possibilities:

  • Accounting Manager – $68,000
  • Assistant Controller – $71,160
  • Cost Accountant Manager – $82,950
  • Corporate Controller – $93,030
  • International Tax Manager – $112,000 (Master’s degree)

1. Online Accounting Degree at Western Governors University
Duration: One to three years

Most degree programs charge you per credit, but the bachelor of science program with Western Governors University charges you $3,370 per term instead. This allows you to accelerate through course material at your chosen pace, meaning you can take as many classes as you’re comfortable with for one given fee. The program gives you control on the overall cost of your degree.

2. Online Accounting Degree University of Maryland Global Campus
Duration: Two to three years

Study accounting on your time at the University of Maryland Global Campus. This program is available to pursue online in eight-week sessions. You can choose to take fewer or more classes per to accelerate your progress and create your own learning schedule.

3. Online Accounting and Finance Degree at Wilmington University

You won’t have to wait long to start classes after being accepted into Wilmington University’s accounting program, since classes start every eight weeks. The program will give you 120 hours toward the 150-hour requirement to become a CPA. And regardless of where you live, students pay in-state tuition rates.

Computer Programming

Job Possibilities:

  • Web Developer – $73,760
  • Computer Systems Engineer – $88,550
  • Computer Systems Analyst – $90,920
  • Database Administrator – $93,750
  • Software Application Developer – $105,590

1. Harvard University’s Introduction to Computer Science via edX
Duration: 12 weeks

You don’t have to attend Harvard University to get a Harvard-level education. This online class is free to take on edX. It gives you an introductory education on computer science and the art of programming for people with or without prior programming experience. For a couple hundred dollars, you could add a verified certificate to show you completed the self-paced course.

2. University of Michigan Programming for Everybody via Coursera
Duration: Approximately 19 hours

Learn the basics of computer programming and earn a certificate with Coursera. It’s all online, which allows you to work at your own pace and create your own schedule. You can earn a certificate upon completion and even reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

3. Computer Science Degree from Oregon State University
Duration: Flexible

With four different start times throughout the year, you can start studying computer science whenever you’re ready. This is a post-baccalaureate program that’s designed for students who’ve already completed a bachelor’s degree. You can graduate after just 60 course credits instead of the standard 180.

Digital Marketing

Possible Job Opportunities:

  • Digital Media Manager – $63,000 to $90,000
  • Brand Marketing – $66,000 to $98,000
  • Digital Project Management/Planning – $78,750 to $118,000
  • Content Strategist – $81,250 to $115,000
  • E-Commerce Specialist – $90,000 to $126,000

1. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at CSU Global

Get a marketing degree online with CSU Global. This program is online, has no set times, and offers accelerated courses. You can take extra credits of your choice to obtain a specialization in digital marketing to advance your skill set. Classes begin monthly, so you can get started on your education quickly.

2. Digital Marketing Certificate Program with Berkeley Global
Duration: 8 weeks

Earn a certificate in digital marketing in only two months from this Berkeley Global program. This online class is full-time and fast paced, allowing you to quickly earn an education and launch yourself into the job market. You will attend scheduled online sessions to earn eight academic credits with 120 hours of instruction.

3. Online Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing at University of Illinois
Duration: 16 months

Enhance your bachelor’s education with a master’s degree in digital marketing. This program teaches you new techniques that will help you drive growth through marketing and advertising in the digital world. This is ideal for working professionals who want to learn without interrupting their career.

Search Online for More Accelerated Programs

Whether you’re interested in computer programming, marketing, accounting, or any other field of work, there are plenty of online courses to help meet your learning goals. Some are in the form of accelerated degrees, while others are classes you can pick and choose from to further your education in the field. Increase your credibility today by searching online and finding a course that’s right for you.