6 Women’s Health Products Worth Trying

6 Women’s Health Products Worth Trying

Women’s health is an everyday concern – you want to look good and feel good, and the stresses of daily life can make you put your health last. But maintaining your health and wellness doesn’t have to be a tough task.

Check out these women’s health products, all of which can keep you feeling strong, healthy, and like you’re living your best life every day.

1. Supergoop! Perfect Day 2-in-1 Sunscreen

Price: $19¹

What It’s Great For: Protecting your face and body from harmful UV rays every day.

Everyone needs a daily sunscreen – but most sunscreens are greasy and heavy. The Supergoop! Perfect Day 2-in-1 sunscreen is the perfect solution for women in need of a lightweight, daily wear sunscreen. Oil-free and not at all greasy, this light formula will moisturize your skin without weighing it down.

Supergoop! Perfect Day is able to be used on both your face and body for total coverage. With an SPF 50, you’ll enjoy total sun coverage. And there’s a hidden secret in this product’s cap: a Mint Condition Lip Shield with SPF 30 to protect your lips.

2. Citracal Petites Calcium Supplement

Price: $10.89²

What It’s Great For: Supporting bone health and delivering the recommended daily dose of calcium for women.

Calcium is a crucial nutrient for women of all ages, but it can be tough to get from your everyday diet. Citracal Petites Calcium Supplement offers the perfect solution: a small, sugar-free pill that packs the vitamins you need into a single dose.

Citracal Petites Calcium Supplement is recommended by doctors because it’s easy to take and highly effective. It supports bone health with both calcium and vitamin D3, and it can be taken with or without food. Each small, easy-to-swallow pill packs 400 milligrams of calcium, giving you the balance you need in your diet. And with regular use, it can reduce your risk of osteoporosis as part of a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

3. kGoal Kegel Exerciser

Price: $149³

What It’s Great For: Strengthening and training pelvic muscles to help bladder control and improve pelvic floor health.

Aging can introduce entirely new changes in women’s health and bodies, and bladder control can be one of the most surprising. Thanks to weakened muscles in the pelvic floor due to childbirth, running or impact sports, or even just simple aging, you may need to incorporate kegels into your exercise routine. And the kGoal Kegel Exerciser by Minna Life is the perfect tool.

The kGoal is a training system for your pelvic muscles, helping you exercise discreetly, easily, and efficiently. This product offers feedback to help you engage your pelvic floor and track your progress, and with regular use the kGoal can improve bladder control, aid your pre- and post-pregnancy health, increase core strength, and benefit your wellbeing too.

4. DivaCup

Price: $39.994

What It’s Great For: Offering a comfortable, affordable, and eco-friendly alternative to expensive tampons and pads.

Periods can be limiting for women, but they shouldn’t be. And thanks to the high prices of feminine care products, they can also be expensive. The DivaCup menstrual cup aims to change both of these factors, giving you an alternative that’s affordable, reusable, and comfortable to wear.

The DivaCup can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time, making it perfect for long days, nighttime wear, and even activities and sports. You can move freely while wearing this menstrual cup, and it’s safe to use as it’s made of medical-grade silicone and is free from latex, dyes, rubber, plastic, and BPA. With three different options to choose from, there’s a DivaCup suited for every woman.

5. Summer’s Eve Simply Cleansing Cloths

Price: $4.73⁵

What It’s Great For: Easy feminine cleansing at any time, even on the go, in a safe and doctor-approved way.

Sometimes, freshness is your most important need, but it’s tough to restore that freshness when you’re short on time. Summer’s Eve Simply Cleansing Cloths offer an on-the-go, quick and easy to use solution: a pack of individually wrapped cloths with a fresh, light scent that can cleanse your most intimate areas.

Summer’s Eve Simply Cleansing Cloths can help you feel fresh all day long. These wipes remove odor-causing bacteria and help you maintain a natural pH. They’re free of harsh chemicals, dyes, alcohol, and parabens, and they’re tested by gynecologists to ensure they’re safe to use. You can add them to your daily routine or keep them handy for whenever you need it most.

6. Azo Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic

Price: $17⁶

What It’s Great For: Maintaining your “good” bacteria and keeping your gut and feminine health as balanced as can be.

Gut health is just as important as feminine health, and you can use Azo Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic to keep the two in perfect sync. With this daily probiotic, you’re able to maintain or restore balance within your gut and your feminine health, introducing good bacteria that your body needs. With stress, hormonal shifts, and everyday changes, this probiotic can keep your body regular and on schedule.

Azo Complete Feminine Balance contains Intelliflora, which is a blend of 4 different lactobacilli species that are commonly found in healthy women. Taking this probiotic can restore good bacteria and yeast within your body, helping with any gut issues or feminine health changes. With a once daily dose, you can keep your pH at the right level and ensure your body’s environment is well balanced.

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