5 Reasons You Should Be Using an Under-Eye Cream

5 Reasons You Should Be Using an Under-Eye Cream

Applying facial moisturizer every day is a crucial part of warding off the signs of aging. However, it may not be enough. Because the skin around the eyes is exceptionally thin, delicate, and sensitive, it is prone to unsightly issues like puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and dryness. To properly address these issues, under-eye cream is a must.

Even if you are still quite young, the delicate nature of under-eye skin makes it far more susceptible to the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Fortunately, the best eye creams address these issues, allowing you to fight back and protect the skin effectively.

1. Treats Dark Circles

Do dark circles often greet you when you look in the mirror — even after getting a good night’s sleep? Although dark under-eye circles are most commonly associated with tiredness, they can also be caused by things like stress, sun exposure, smoking, and even genetics.

It’s normal to feel self-conscious about having dark circles under the eyes, but the right eye cream can address, minimize, and even correct the problem. Ingredients like licorice and kojic acid are prized for their ability to address discoloration, so an eye cream that includes them may be the answer. For under-eye circles that are caused by hollowed-out skin, a formula that includes peptides, which help to plump the skin, could be just what the doctor ordered. Either way, also choose an eye cream with light-reflecting ingredients that help to brighten up the overall appearance of the under-eye area.

2. Treats Puffy Eyes

Nobody likes walking around with puffy, dreary-looking eyes. Whether you’re dealing with full-fledged bags under the eyes or with just a little under-eye swelling, a properly formulated eye cream can help immensely. Puffiness under and around the eyes is caused by fluid buildup, which causes tissues around the eyes to swell. Although it can be caused by allergies and sinus issues, it can also be triggered by diet, alcohol, sleep deprivation, and simply by aging.

When your eyes are puffy, they don’t just look like it — you can actually feel it.

The right under-eye cream won’t just bring down the puffiness and swelling, it will also provide soothing relief that you can feel. Eye cream formulas that include caffeine and cucumber tend to work especially well for correcting puffy, swollen eyes, so seek out creams that include these ingredients. In addition to bringing down swelling and puffiness almost immediately, the right eye cream will reduce your propensity for developing puffiness under the eyes when used regularly and as directed.

3. Treats Dryness

If you have noticed that the skin around your eyes is particularly susceptible to being dry, flaky and itchy, you’re not alone. The main problem here is that there are very few oil glands located right around the eyes. Unlike other parts of the body, the skin around the eyes isn’t softened and protected by regular, effective oil production. Dryness around the eyes can be unsightly, and it can make it difficult to apply eye makeup.

As a cream, eye creams are inherently designed to moisturize the skin. However, when it comes to moisturizing the delicate skin around the eyes, it is important to choose the right angle of attack. For example, if you have fine lines developing in conjunction with your dry skin, you should seek out an eye cream that includes an oil-based moisturizer like shea butter or argan oil. On the other hand, if you are sensitive to oil-based moisturizers or still young and haven’t developed fine lines or wrinkles yet, an oil-free moisturizer like hyaluronic acid or glycerin may be more appropriate.

4. Treats Fine Lines

The under-eye area is typically among the first to reflect the telltale fine lines that go along with aging. Because the skin around the eyes is so delicate and thin — it’s only 1/16th as thick as skin elsewhere on the body — and there are so many muscles constantly moving around there, fine lines can develop while you are still just a young adult. Rather than trying to avoid laughing or smiling, start using an effective eye cream to nip the problem in the bud.

Something of a multipronged approach is needed for treating fine lines around the eyes. The right eye cream will include ingredients that help to boost the production of collagen and elastin, so seek one whose formula includes retinol. A derivative of vitamin A, retinol helps to stimulate cellular turnover. If you are too sensitive for it, a formula that contains neuropeptides is a good alternative. Hyaluronic acid, which holds up to 1000 times its weight in water, is another ingredient to look for. Also choose an eye cream with SPF 30 or higher. This will protect the area from sun exposure, which will reduce the risk of additional fine lines and wrinkles developing prematurely.

5. Treats Tired Looking Eyes

The main culprit behind the tired looking eyes that so many of us walk around with is the same one that causes so many other aging issues — gravity. As stores of collagen and elastin become more depleted in under-eye skin, the skin becomes weaker and more susceptible to sagging. Sagging eyes give the impression of tiredness and fatigue — even when you are well-rested and ready to go — so it’s only natural to want to address the problem.

Look for an under-eye cream that contains light-reflecting ingredients to instantly brighten the entire area around the eyes. Stick with a formula that’s enhanced with vitamins C and E. Vitamin C helps to boost collagen production and improve elasticity while vitamin E works to soothe and protect the skin. A formula that contains something like caffeine may provide the boost that’s needed to firm up sagging skin and to make eyes look brighter and more alert. Also look for eye cream with gentle exfoliators that slough away old, dead skin cells to reveal the brighter, more invigorated looking skin below.