5 Reasons to Go on Senior Singles Cruises

5 Reasons to Go on Senior Singles Cruises

The Lido deck has your Bloody Mary ready for brunch, you have a mamba class at noon, and the Aloha deck is hosting the first mixer.

That’s right, it’s a singles cruise, and the guests are all ready to meet that special someone. But this cruise is a little different — the pharmacy is hopping and the coat check has a few more canes and walkers than usual. This is because senior singles cruises are a great way to meet somebody in your twilight years.

Who says you can’t live with the same excitement, zeal and lust for life post-60 that you did for the first 59 years of your life? Here are five good reasons to talk Mamaw or Pops into going on that singles cruise.

5: Get a Fresh Start

Are you recently retired and kind of at a loss of what to do with your days? Or maybe you’re recently divorced or widowed. Sometimes, big life changes leave us in a bit of a rut, and a little adventure is what we need to get over the hump. This goes for people of all ages.

A senior singles cruise is a great way to offer yourself a fresh start after life hands you the unexpected. These cruises offer plenty of adventure, but in a comfortable and structured environment. And like regular singles cruises, the senior version offers lots of opportunities to meet someone you might share something in common with. Meal time, classes, mixers and socials are all on the docket so you can mix and mingle with the other cruisers. It sure beats the bingo hall.

4: Meet New People

Unless you’re a natural belle of the ball with social invitations streaming in, you may be feeling a little reclusive and cooped up. We’re all social creatures by nature, so spending quiet days alone can get a little deafening. One of the toughest parts about living single as a senior is all of the time spent alone.

It’s hard for seniors to meet new people on a day-to-day basis, but a senior singles cruise offers you lots of new companionship in a controlled environment. You might meet people from your area who become lifelong friends, or you may just meet someone to keep you company when the boat is rocking on the high seas.

3: Find Romance

They didn’t call it the “Love Boat” for nothing. Singles cruises, for the old and the young, are exclusive to single people for a reason — so you can have the opportunity to find love. Senior cruises are set up for it, from the dance classes and social mixers to the seating at mealtime.

Cruises by nature can be pretty romantic. Being out at sea with the blue skies, ocean breezes, and sunsets on the deck can make even the hard-hearted feel something in the air. Just because you’re a senior, it doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to a little loving, so sign up for a cruise to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, or at least someone you can enjoy right now.

2: Try New Activities

Some seniors are extremely active and open to trying new and exciting things. Others are little more reserved and don’t spend as much time out and about as they could or should. Signing up for a senior singles cruise is one way to guarantee that you’ll try some new activities.

From pottery and dance classes to skeet shooting or golf, there’s plenty to do on a senior cruise. Part of the fun of these cruises is taking part in as many of these fun and social activities as possible. The rooms of a cruise ship can be small and cramped, which encourages you to stay out and about.

1: Lose the Singles Supplement

Typically, cruises book their rooms with a per-person, double occupancy rate. In other words, it’s a room for two. So when a single person goes on a cruise, they’ll have to pay a singles supplement — a fee which runs anywhere from 110 percent to 200 percent of the per person rate. There are single share programs, where cruises offer to match you up with a roommate of the same sex and smoking preference. But who wants to share a room with a stranger on vacation? Some senior cruises waive the singles supplement, so pull out your AARP card and hit the open sea!

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