5 Must-Try Wine Clubs That Deliver Wine to Your Door

5 Must-Try Wine Clubs That Deliver Wine to Your Door

Buying wine isn’t always easy. You have to physically visit a local store, browse what’s available, choose from a limited selection, and then head home. You can’t always find the wines you’d like, and you can’t always get wine if you can’t leave home. But a new way to drink wine is becoming popular: online wine clubs. A wine club is the perfect way to have wine delivered to your door on a regular schedule. You don’t have to leave home. You don’t even have to shop for a wine you might enjoy. When you join a wine club, a team of experts select wines that you’ll like and send them right to your home.

Consider giving these five wine clubs a try if you’re interested in exploring new ways to indulge in excellent wines.

1. WSJwine

Price: There are two different club levels customers can choose to join: the Discovery Club, which includes 12 wines for $69.99, or the Premier Club, which includes 12 “premier” wines for $199.99. These prices are valid on your first club shipment.

Future shipments are priced at:

  • Discovery Club: $159.99 plus $19.99 shipping cost.
  • Premier Club: Selections are customized, so the cost of each shipment varies.

With special new customer offers and limited-time deals, those just signing up with WSJwine for the first time may be able to get additional perks for these prices. For example, WSJwines often includes two additional bottles for new Discovery Club members and three additional bottles for new Premier Club members.

Frequency: 12 bottles delivered every three months.

Club Details: Members get a minimum 20 percent discount on wines included in future shipments. Members can also customize the wines included in their shipments, and each club purchase earns credits that can be used to get free bottles of wine. Tasting notes are included with every wine.

Additionally, WSJwine members have no obligation memberships. This means you’re able to skip regularly scheduled deliveries as you’d like.

2. Wine Insiders

Price: Wine Insiders charges club members $139.95, plus applicable taxes and a $19.95 shipping fee. Each club shipment includes 12 bottles of wine.

New customers can take advantage of special pricing when they first sign up. Wine Insiders offers the first case of 15 bottles of wine for $89 (or $5.93 per bottle). Shipping is also free on the first order.

Frequency: 12 bottles delivered every three months.

Club Details: Wine Insiders club members get to try either all red wine, all white wine, or a mix of both in each case. The wines included are all award-winning wines. Wine Insiders offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which means you’ll get your money back if you don’t enjoy any wine or simply prefer different tastes. 

The Wine Insiders club is also a no obligation club. That means members can cancel and stop shipments at any time. You can also choose to skip shipments or change your wine preferences as you’d like.

3. Tasting Room

Price: New customers can try six small bottles (50mL) of Tasting Room’s wine for just $9.95 with email signup. The first club shipment includes 12 full-sized bottles of wine for $84.49. All future club shipments for a full case of 12 bottles costs $149.99, plus a $19.99 shipping fee.

Frequency: 12 bottles delivered every two months. Members can customize their wine delivery dates as needed.

Club Details: Club membership starts with the tasting package, which allows Tasting Room to get a sense of your individual preferences. From there, your club shipments will include wines that meet your tastes. All future club shipments include full-size wine bottles that are chosen based on your personal tasting profile.

Additionally, you can completely control your Tasting Room wine club experience. You can adjust your shipment frequency, skip club shipments, and even change your bottle quantity to ensure you’re getting the right kind and amount of wine.

4. Winc

Price: Winc memberships can vary depending on the number of wine bottles and the frequency of delivery. A basic, monthly Winc member order starts at three bottles for $39, plus a $9 shipping fee and any applicable taxes. The most common membership option is four bottles, and the price of each bottle of wine starts at $13.

Frequency: Monthly.

Club Details: Members get additional discounts and perks once they’ve joined Winc. These include savings of 10 percent on all orders of 12 or more bottles, up to $30 in credits for referring friends, and savings via Member Credits. If you order four or more bottles of wine as part of your monthly membership, you’re also eligible for free shipping.

It’s also easy to skip or pause your Winc membership as needed. Members can skip a month, skip multiple months, or cancel their membership at any time.

5. SommSelect

Price: There are three different wine clubs available via SommSelect. Each comes with its own price and its own specific wines.

The wine clubs include:


  1. Drink Like a Somm: Four bottles of wine, delivered monthly, for $99 plus a $15 shipping fee and any applicable taxes.
  2. The Somm Six: Six bottles of wine, delivered monthly, for $199 plus any applicable taxes.
  3. The Blind Six: Six bottles of wine, delivered monthly, for $199 plus any applicable taxes.

Frequency: Monthly.

Club Details: Each SommSelect wine club offers a different wine experience. Drink Like a Somm is designed for anyone, including wine newbies, as it’s designed to help you find wines you enjoy drinking. The Somm Six is meant for more experienced wine drinkers and collectors, as the wines are pricier and rarer. The Blind Six is good for anyone who loves wine tastings, noting flavors, and experiencing wine in new ways. Regardless of which club you choose, all of the wines you’ll be sent are artisanal and hand-picked by a sommelier.

SommSelect does allow one-time club shipments for anyone who isn’t ready to commit to a monthly club. Each wine delivery includes a variety of different types of wine, along with tasting notes, tips, and food pairing suggestions.

Try a Wine Club Today

If you’re interested in turning your wine shopping over to a wine club, there’s a lot you might love. Wine clubs can help you discover new kinds of wine, new taste preferences, and even new ways to enjoy wine. But most importantly, wine clubs allow you to have great wine delivered right to your door on a regular schedule.

And, depending on how often you’d like wine delivered, you can choose a wine club that meets your needs. You can even find wine clubs that offer specific types of wine from around the world. All you have to do to find these wines is search for them. With a little research, you can find a wine club within your budget and preferences.