4 Life Insurance Options for Seniors

4 Life Insurance Options for Seniors

Life insurance can be a tough product to purchase. After all, few people want to think about their eventual death – and it’s unpleasant to try to plan ahead, make financial decisions, and secure insurance that’s designed to work only after you die. But it’s important to think about life insurance before it’s too late. Meant to offer your loved ones financial support after you’re gone, life insurance is protection for when the worst happens. Yet many people wait until late in life to purchase a life insurance policy. And unfortunately, life insurance only gets more expensive as you get older.

The older you are, the riskier you are to insure. That’s how life insurance companies work. So, if you’re an older adult who still doesn’t have life insurance, your policy options won’t just be more expensive; they’ll also be limited.

But this doesn’t mean you have to forgo life insurance altogether. Older adults can still secure a life insurance policy. The following are four great life insurance options seniors can consider.

1. AIG Life

AIG Life is a life insurance company that’s well-known for its policies. There are plenty of options to choose from – and seniors also have some variety and flexibility in their policies. AIG Life consistently beats out other life insurance companies with its affordable premium costs, which is important for older adults living on fixed incomes.

Why It’s a Great Choice for Seniors

AIG Life offers affordable policies that seniors can easily qualify for. With 18 different terms available, it’s a company with coverage options and choices. AIG Life also offers a Select-a-Term policy option, which lets customers choose a coverage term that suits their needs.

2. Haven Life

With life insurance policies that are underwritten by MassMutual, Haven Life offers policies and products that older adults can trust. It’s easy to apply – seniors can complete most of the process online. This insurance company offers a straightforward and simple application process that will immediately let many new customers know whether or not they qualify for coverage as soon as possible.

Why It’s a Great Choice for Seniors

Haven Life is a great option for older adults who need life insurance policies. You can apply until the day before your 65th birthday, and you have an extra four months’ leeway for the underwriting and purchase process. Adults between the ages of 60 and 64 can apply for as much as $1 million in coverage. And medically underwritten policies also allow seniors to lock in potentially cheaper premium rates, as this process vets and verifies each customer’s risk level.

3. North American Company for Life and Health Insurance

With lower minimum amounts and an A+ rating from A.M. Best, North American Company for Life and Health Insurance offers premium life insurance policies that seniors can take advantage of. Flexibility is what makes this company a great choice – you can add riders, adjust your policy, and change your death benefit based on the available options offered.

Why It’s a Great Choice for Seniors

North American Company for Life and Health Insurance offers level premium policies that can be converted to permanent life insurance, which offers flexibility as you grow older. Additionally, you can convert your policy through age 74. If you’d like, you have the option to add and customize policy riders too, which can change the death benefit, waive monthly expenses, and help anyone who’s disabled.

4. Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha offers life insurance policies underwritten by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company, a trusted name in the insurance market. More importantly, though, Mutual of Omaha offers term life insurance that can last up to age 80 – and new customers are welcomed even if they’re 74 years old.

Why It’s a Great Choice for Seniors

With terms available for up to age 80 and new policies available for customers up through age 74, seniors can actually apply for and be approved for coverage and new policies. Additionally, no medical exams are required if you’re securing $100,000 of coverage or less. Larger death benefit amounts are available if you’re willing to undergo a medical exam.

How Seniors Can Find a Life Insurance Plan

It’s true that life insurance costs tend to increase as you get older. It’s also true that life insurance can be more difficult to purchase once you reach your senior years. However, these facts don’t mean that you have to go without the security and financial protection that life insurance provides. Adults of all ages – including seniors – can secure life insurance.

You just need to know how to find a life insurance plan for your age. And in order to do that, you’ll need to search online.

Different life insurance companies have different policies and different limitations. For example, some companies will set age limits. Some will require medical exams for older applicants. Other companies will be more flexible when signing up seniors for new policies. While many insurance companies offer options for adults age 60 to 65 and have more limited choices for older adults, some will allow customers up to age 80. The type of policy you can purchase just may be more limited.

To see what’s available for your age, you’ll want to search for and compare different life insurance companies and their policies. It’s important to be informed about your options before settling on any particular policy. Make sure you’re eligible for coverage, that the coverage meets your needs, and that your premiums are within your budget before you choose a life insurance policy.