10 Window Air Conditioners to Beat the Heat

10 Window Air Conditioners to Beat the Heat

Central air conditioning is nice to have if your living space is sizable. For many consumers, though, window units suffice.

Here are 10 compact, affordable units that beat the heat in smaller spaces. Cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU), which are shown for each model.

1. Frigidaire Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner

Cost: $179

Dimensions: 16 by 15.25 by 12 inches

Weight:  41 pounds

BTU: 5000

This lightweight model is ideal for cooling and dehumidifying a small bedroom or home office. The mounting kit is included, and the unit gets high marks for ease of installation. Operation is fully manual.

Here are some pros:

  1. 1.       Two fan and cooling speeds
  2. 2.       Easy installation
  3. 3.       Quick cooling

Many users wish the fan would shut off automatically when the desired temperature is reached. Noisy operation is also a drawback.

2. LG Window Air Conditioner

Cost: $189

Dimensions: 17.3 by 14.3 by 11.1 inches

Weight: 41 pounds

BTU: 6000

The LG LW6017R model cools spaces of up to 260 square feet. The dehumidifier puts out around 1.8 pints per hour, and the energy-saving function keeps electric bills low.

The unit comes with a remote, and there’s a handy timer for controlling operation. Reviewers also like these features:

  1. Cools well
  2. Combats airborne allergies
  3. Has a dirty filter indicator

Some buyers find installation difficult. Others don’t like the way the airflow travels upward from the unit rather than out into the room.

3. Haier High Efficiency Room Air Conditioner

Cost: $249

Dimensions: 21.25 by 18 by 12.5 inches

Weight: 56 pounds

BTU: 8000

There’s a lot to like about the Haier ESAQ406T model:

  1. Magnetic remote control
  2. Remote control with braille for the visually impaired
  3. Very cold output
  4. Digital time and temperature display
  5. Four-way airflow
  6. Three fan and cooling speeds
  7. 24-hour on-off timer and sleep mode
  8. Dehumidifier
  9. Energy-saving mode
  10. Easy installation

Most complaints are about the unit being noisy.

4. Frigidaire Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner

Cost: $349

Dimensions: 21 by 21.25 by 15.75 inches

Weight: 79 pounds

BTU: 12,000

The FFRE1233UE workhorse is ideal for a good-sized home office or small studio apartment of up to 550 square feet. The sensing feature ensures uniform temperature throughout the room. The unit dehumidifies at close to 3.4 pints per hour.

Check out these additional bells and whistles:

  1. Three fan and cooling speeds
  2. Programmable thermostat
  3. 24-hour timer
  4. Sleep mode
  5. Anti-bacterial filter to remove pollen and other allergens
  6. Energy Star certification
  7. Pleated mount for easy installation
  8. Extra-long power cord

Not all users are happy about the energy-saving default setting. If you crave an uninterrupted blast of frigid air, you’ll have to change the setting each time you operate the unit.

5. Emerson Quiet Kool Window Air Conditioner

Cost: $195

Dimensions: 18.6 by 15.6 by 13.3 inches

Weight: 44 pounds

BTU: 6000

The Emerson EARC6RE1 model boasts a large, easy-to-read digital display. Possible temperature settings range from 62 to 86 degrees. Fans of this unit appreciate its unusually quiet efficiency. It’s a good choice for a small room of up to 250 square feet.

Here are some selling points:

  1. Remote controlled
  2. 2 energy efficiency ratio
  3. Eight-way airflow louvers
  4. Three fan and cooling speeds
  5. Sleep mode
  6. Warranties on parts, labor, and compressor

Emerson has received some complaints for poor drainage. Condensation buildup can lead to corrosion or mold inside the unit.

6. SPT Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

Cost: $209

Dimensions: 18.75 by 15.75 by 13.4 inches

Weight: 45 pounds

BTU: 6000

Model WA-6022S features a remote control, energy-saving technology, and a timer that allows programming for up to 24 hours. You can operate the unit on automatic, cool, dry, or fan. It’s best for rooms of up to 250 square feet.

Additional perks include the following:

  1. Automatic restart
  2. Removable filter for cleaning
  3. Three fan and cooling speeds
  4. Programmable timer
  5. Sleep mode

For such a small, budget-friendly unit, it is surprisingly tough. Few buyers have complained about the manufacturing or performance.

7. Friedrich Chill Series Window Air Conditioner

Cost: $789

Dimensions: 30.3 by 25.5 by 16.9 inches

Weight: 146 pounds

BTU: 24,000

If you have a fairly large space, spring for the Friedrich CP24G30B. It has the capacity to cool a room, office or studio apartment of up to 1,400 square feet.

One of its best features is the Air Sweep technology for even distribution. The unit can be installed in a window or a wall up to nine inches thick. You can program the fan to operate only during cooling.

These features are also impressive:

  1. Four-way airflow control
  2. Automatic restart after a power interruption
  3. 24-hour programmable timer
  4. Washable anti-microbial air filter
  5. Remote control
  6. Digital thermostat display
  7. Design that prevents kick-in intrusion

On the downside, complaints include flimsy packaging and slow customer service. Some reviewers feel that the unit should be much quieter for the price.

8. GE Window Air Conditioner

Cost: $239

Dimensions: 21 by 16 by 12.75 inches

Weight: 53 pounds

BTU: 8000

Model AEM08LX can handle rooms of up to 340 square feet. It dehumidifies at more than two pints per hour. It is certified by Energy Star and comes with a one-year warranty.

Here are some advantages:

  1. Three fan and cooling speeds
  2. Electronic control with programmable 24-hour timer
  3. Dirty filter indicator and one-touch filter removal
  4. GE dependability

Again, most complaints pertain to the noise.

9. Home Labs Window Air Conditioner

Cost: $150

Dimensions: 16 by 15.4 by 12 inches

Weight: 37 pounds

BTU: 5000

This tiny unit offers a lot of bang for the buck. It’s perfect for small bedrooms, dorm rooms, and RVs.

Take a look at these features:

  1. Support bracket
  2. Reusable filter that reduces bacteria and odors
  3. Seven speeds and two-way airflow
  4. Cooling in 10 minutes or less
  5. 1 energy efficiency ratio
  6. Built-in drain

This Home Labs model doesn’t come with a remote. Some buyers complain about inconsistent cooling.

10. Koldfront Heat and Cool Window Air Conditioner

Cost: $359

Dimensions: 16.1 by 22.6 by 23 inches

Weight: 99 pounds

BTU: 12,000 cooling, 11,000 heating

If you also want heating functionality for a space of up to 550 square feet, this well-reviewed, versatile Koldfront unit is for you. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Programmable temperature, sleep mode, fan speed and 24-hour timer
  2. Automatic temperature adjustment
  3. Three-way airflow
  4. Dehumidifier
  5. Dirty filter indicator

Reviews are largely favorable, but a few buyers who received faulty units complained about slow customer service and a complicated return policy.