10 Awesome New Ways to Wear Leggings

10 Awesome New Ways to Wear Leggings

For many women, leggings have replaced jeans as the most indispensable items of clothing in their wardrobes. Despite the protestations of many, leggings are indeed pants — and their usefulness extends far beyond comfort. In fact, these versatile items of clothing can be spiced up in several surprising ways.

If you have fallen into a leggings rut, it’s time for a little inspiration. As you will read about shortly, there are countless ways to put leggings to use to jazz up your wardrobe. Read on to see how leggings can indeed be made appropriate for nearly any situation.

1. Try pleather or leather leggings

Sure, cotton leggings are soft, stretchy, and comfortable. However, they lack the “wow factor” that you’re looking for when heading out for a night on the town. Invest in a nice pair of pleather or leather leggings to always be prepared for that upcoming rock concert or bar crawl. Pair them with a concert T-shirt for a casual look or top them off with a dressy tank or tube top for a sophisticated twist.

2. Pair them with a belted trench coat

A lightweight trench coat offers a great way to jazz up a simple leggings ensemble. Choose one with a belt that can be cinched to ensure a chic silhouette.

The nice thing about this look is that it is very versatile, and it lets you get away with wearing a cropped or tight-fitting shirt underneath without being too exposed. This look is terrific for casual days out shopping or other fun jaunts.

3. Add visual interest with layers

When fall rolls around, the opportunities for accessorizing your leggings increase tenfold. In particular, it’s a great time to layer up on top to balance out the simplicity of the leggings below. Layering up is also a terrific way to handle situations where the temperature or weather might shift throughout an outing. Mix and match tank tops, T-shirts, button-downs, cardigans, oversized sweaters, leg warmers, and other items to achieve a casual-chic look that you can take almost anywhere.

4. Pair with a sundress in cold weather

Leggings are kind of like thicker versions of tights, so it makes sense to pair them with dresses and skirts when the temperatures drop. This is a terrific way to keep enjoying your favorite summer skirts and sundresses even when winter strikes. You can always just wear a basic pair of cotton leggings under your skirt or dress, or you can upgrade to fleece-lined leggings for extra warmth and comfort. The right pair of embellished leggings can add the perfect amount of pizzazz, allowing you to look your best even for special occasions.

5. Try leggings with an oversize sweater

Nothing beats snuggling up in a cozy sweater when winter strikes. The biggest problem is usually finding pants that actually look good with that massive sweater. Leggings pair perfectly with boyfriend sweaters, cardigans, and any oversized sweaters that you happen to own. In addition to looking great with large sweaters, they offer just as much comfort. A huge sweater and a pair of leggings has to be the perfect ensemble for hitting the apple orchard.

6. Wear leggings with high heels

People usually pair leggings with slip-ons, flats, or sneakers. After all, they are considered to be a casual form of clothing, so it makes sense.

If you want to make a statement, however, pairing leggings with eye-catching heels is a fun move to try. You can always do this with a skirt or dress over leggings, but there’s nothing wrong with wearing high-heels, leggings, and a nice top. Try this ensemble the next time you go out dancing.

7. Embrace the athleisure trend

Today’s women have busy, active lifestyles, so it’s not surprising that the athleisure trend has taken hold. Athleisure refers to clothes that can segue seamlessly from the gym to casual outings like coffee runs, and leggings form an indispensable part of a great athleisure look. Choose any leggings that you like, and pair them with an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt, nice, colorful sneakers, and a baseball cap for the ultimate sporty yet stylish look.

8. Create a faux jumpsuit

The jumpsuit trend didn’t really last for very long, and here’s probably why: women don’t like having to remove their entire outfits to, say, use the bathroom. By combining leggings with a matching tank top, however, you can create the look of a jumpsuit without the commitment. The faux-jumpsuit look is very versatile, and it can even be used in the workplace. Just top it off with a smart-looking blazer, and you’ll be good to go.

9. Add combat boots for a punk-rock effect

For times when you want to balance out an otherwise simple or very feminine look, combat boots are always a good idea. They pair especially well with leggings because they contrast so dramatically. You can go for a head-to-toe punk look by topping it all off with a strategically ripped T-shirt, or you can wear them to add a surprising twist to an otherwise elegant look.

10. Try cropped leggings with ankle boots

Finally, if your wardrobe doesn’t already include at least one pair of cropped leggings, buy a pair right away. Showing just a little bit of ankle puts a whole new twist on the leggings look, and it gives you even more options in terms of footwear.

An especially lovely look to try is to pair ankle boots with cropped leggings. This look is especially nice for the fall, and it works in nearly any situation. Just adjust the top that you wear to make the look dressier or more casual and add some accessories to round it all out.